Tuesday, August 23, 2016

After everyone left

After everyone left the hospital, I started to learn how to take care of my precious babies. These are the first photos I took of them.

Sweet Hazel2016-03-29-03-06-14_IMG_8910

Sweet Emma


I remember posting it on the FB and thinking they were such bad first photos to show the world, but oh well!

We made it through that night. I remember it being a long night.


Doug changed many diapers.IMG_4017

Watching Doug be a dad was one of the best parts of the twin’s birth.IMG_4051IMG_4052IMG_4053

This was my view of the girls for a few days:


They slept my me at all times. We did send them to the nursery sometimes so I could try to get some sleep, but they would be back in an hour or two. There was not much rest happening.


This began our “groundhog day” life for two months. Very little sleep. Wonderful babies. We had lots of help at the hospital. It was a wild ride for sure!

Some hospital fun:


How sweet!


A few days later, it was time to go home! We dressed them up in their fancy outfits and got ready to take them home.



Ready to go!


They brought me a wheelchair and of we went! Finally out of the hospital – again!



Their first time outside!2016-04-01-12-00-01_IMG_9076


Daddy got them all strapped in and off we went! I remember there was some crying on the way home and I was in a lot of pain.


Welcome home girls!


Then the real crazy began. We had twins – at home! With no nurses! eek!


Normandy came to check them out…


and claim their bed as his own.

2016-04-01-12-32-54_IMG_9107 ha. Right.

Then the sleepless torture began. It was so intense. They are so worth it, but woah. Onward and upward!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Monday, August 22, 2016

March 28, 2016–Part III

Finally, the finale.

There were two things I requested – their first birthday (cup)cake and candles. It happened!


This was my other request and it turns out it is one of my favorite photos taken.


Then we took our first official family photo(s)!


It was an amazing night. It was wonderful to meet my girls and also great to no longer be pregnant. Open-mouthed smile2016-03-29_BrownTwins_200

I remember getting little to no sleep that night. They fed often and frequently. They were the most perfect little bundles of joy. I am so blessed to have them in my life.

We officially became parents that night. What an adventure we were just beginning.

Love and hugs, Lizzie

Thank you Angelle for these amazing photos. I am so glad you were there to capture it all. Many hugs.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

March 28, 2016–Part II

Once the twins were born, Doug was with them while they were measured and weighed in the recover room. Once I was finished with surgery, they wheeled me into the recovery room. The twins were just perfect!

I sent Doug out to tell the family that we were ok and to share the news that we had two girls!

He was greeted by a crowd waiting for his arrival. They were upset he was so late, but it actually was not his fault. It took a _long_ time to get my spinal in and that delayed the surgery. When he finally arrived in the room they were very excited.


Doug planned to use light and darkness to share the names since we had been calling them “light” and “dark” the whole pregnancy.

He made copper shadow art to share the names. Here they are.


From the shadowed names they figured it out it was two girls and that Poppi and won the birth/sex guessing game!


She was pretty pumped. They also figured out we had two girls by the names. Doug shared the names and assured everyone that we were all ok.


Even Alex and Janice were there to share in the joy!

Honestly, the rest of the night was a blur. I think they gave me some pain drugs so I do not remember all of it in detail, but here are some things I remember…

-We breastfed before guest arrived and they latched perfectly!

-Everyone came to visit me and the twins!


- Mom was the first person to come see me.2016-03-28_BrownTwins_1562016-03-28_BrownTwins_1582016-03-28_BrownTwins_159

- Alex and Janice stayed most of the night!2016-03-28_BrownTwins_1602016-03-28_BrownTwins_1612016-03-28_BrownTwins_1622016-03-28_BrownTwins_1632016-03-28_BrownTwins_1642016-03-28_BrownTwins_1652016-03-28_BrownTwins_1662016-03-28_BrownTwins_167

-Everyone got a chance to hold them.2016-03-28_BrownTwins_1682016-03-28_BrownTwins_1692016-03-28_BrownTwins_1732016-03-28_BrownTwins_1752016-03-28_BrownTwins_1802016-03-28_BrownTwins_1812016-03-28_BrownTwins_1822016-03-28_BrownTwins_1832016-03-28_BrownTwins_1842016-03-28_BrownTwins_1852016-03-28_BrownTwins_153

-Everyone was so happy.

NEXT UP: The finale of March 28, 2016

Love and Hugs, Lizzie