Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

We had some fun this past weekend getting dressed up, going out and playing some hula ball!

After much discussion, I dressed as an Angry Bird (the red one) on Friday night as we had a girls night out the Quarter. Amanda, Janessa, Sarah and I primped and headed out around 10 pm to see what what we could see. As you can see we had Cat Woman, an Angry Bird, a ladybug and the Queen of Hearts. We did not mean to color coordinate, but we all ended up in black and red.

IMG_4496IMG_4499 - Copy

We started at Arnaud’s to say hello. Then we went to BBC, split up for a bit and met back at The Gold Mine. There were lots of great costumes to be seen/gawked over. Some people were totally covered while others were scantily clad.  We also got to see Ryan and Dustin out and about!

IMG_4502 - Copy

IMG_4503 - CopyIMG_4508 - Copy

We danced the night away at The Gold Mine. We did also meet Captain America out and about as you can see below. We had such a great time!

IMG_4511 - CopyIMG_4516 - CopyIMG_4519 - CopyIMG_4523 - Copy

Mad props to Doug who dropped us off around 11 and picked us up around 2:30. He rocks!

The following day we played in our semiannual Hula Ball Tournament. Doug and I played terrible and NEITHER of us ended up in the finals this year. So sad, but congrats to Keegan. Jerk. He won the whole tournament for the second time.

I did not take any photos this year, but will steal some from Courtney and show you later.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Post Slacking…

Hey friends.

I was out of town on business until Wednesday and have not caught up yet. Please forgive the lack of blogs. :)

We should be back to the regular schedule next week!

Love and hugs, Lizzie

Sunday, October 23, 2011

To the forges!

When I decided to get married to Lizzie, I knew it had to be done with a certain level of flair. Our relationship is special, we're both bringing a whole lot to it, so I couldn't just ask her in an ordinary way.

Using the same logic, I didn't think my wedding band could just be an ordinary wedding band that I bought at some store. I could go down to Symmetry and look around for a while, that's where I got Lizzie's engagement ring. But for some reason, I felt a strong compulsion to make my ring. I bounced a few ideas off of various people -- I had thought about designing a ring in CAD and giving it to Thiel to print on his fancy new 3D printer. I thought about buying stainless steel pipe that was roughly the right size and cutting it down to make the ring.

But after a few minutes of googling, I found a few references to making a ring out of a quarter or half dollar that was minted before 1964. Before that year, the printed currency was 90% silver, so I wouldn't have to worry about finger staining or using metals that aren't that malleable. And I knew where I could find plenty of coins minted before 1964. Lizzie's grandfather had unfortunately just passed away -- but he can still take part in our wedding as he left a collection of coins -- including the variety made of 90% silver!

Armed with this information, I asked Ms. Patti (from now on referred to as Poppi) if it was ok to use her father's coins to make my wedding band. To add even more sentimental value to it, I wanted coins minted in meaningful years -- and I selected 1953. That was the year both Poppi and my mom were born -- 2 days apart. I asked Poppi in an email, not thinking too much about it other than it was a really cool idea. She agreed, and that evening, Lizzie wanted to call her mom to tell her the good news. When I told her that Poppi had already agreed, Lizzie got really upset with me. Not quite the level of "bat-shit crazy," but pretty close. She wanted the two of us to tell her and to hear/see her mom's reaction, knowing that her mom would probably get emotional about it. Whoops! Chalk that one up there with the Rising Sun of Japan...

So back to the ring making -- essentially, the idea is to pound the coin down on the edge very slowly (so as not to warp the coin), until you get to about the right ring size. From there, you drill a hole in it and machine out the rest of the unneeded silver. I spent about 3 hours on one coin this weekend, and took some pictures with my phone to show Lizzie the progress. The little white circle is a plastic ring sizer that Lizzie had so I would know how far to hammer down the coin. I've got the ring sized appropriately, now I've just got to drill it and machine it out. One cool thing you can't really tell from this picture is that the writing along the outer edge of the coin has been warped and stretched along the inside edge of the ring. If I can, I'd like to keep that writing on the inside of my wedding band. Unfortunately, the year will get machined out -- that one I'll just have to remember.

UPDATE -- I thought I'd share one more picture here with everyone. The ring is very nearly done. There are some blemishes to polish up and maybe a bit more sizing to finish, but for the most part, ring number 1 is complete! I also realize I didn't quite explain why I've got 2 half dollars. I'm making 2 rings. Hopefully I only need one, but the idea is that if I get married in possession of 2 wedding rings, if I lose one, it's no big deal. My best man has thus far lost 2 wedding bands. And if I manage to be that unlucky, I suppose I could always make another one.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Special Visitor in town…

Last weekend a dear friend came to visit! Aidan was in town for a marathon eating event (aka bachelor party) and spent the night with us Sunday night.

I picked him up on Sunday night from the JW Marriott (so random!)and brought him back to Ashley’s place as he was sleeping in Doug’s room for the night.

We stayed up visiting and chatting until late. It was so great seeing him and hearing about Angela and their new baby girl! We even got to see videos of her..she is so stinking cute. I also accused Aidan of being a genetic hog as the baby looks JUST like him.

The trip was made even better because Doug and Aidan finally met! They were fast friends, of course, as they bonded over nerdy topics and words I did not understand. :)

Thanks for coming to visit Aidan! HUGS! Next time you come with Angela we will go eat bread pudding at The Pelican Club!


Love and hugs, Lizzie

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Groomsmen–Volume 2 and 3–Alex and Andrew

Doug decided to ask two more groomsmen at the engagement party last week. He approached Alex and Andrew as they were sitting on the sofa during the party.

The both said yes!

Unsuspecting boys:


Then Doug attacks/asks: (Look at their faces!!)316712847310

Then pure excitement:



Love and hugs, Lizzie

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Groomsmen–Volume 1–Tom

When I decided to make picture books for all the girls, Doug decided he wanted to do something special for the guys. He decided he wanted to buy them a present to ask them, but he did not want to tell me what it was before he ordered it as he thought I would veto the idea.

I finally persuaded him to tell me what he wanted to buy…luchador masks. My first reaction was to laugh. I actually thought it was a great gift and I think he was a little excited I did not shoot it down.

Some of you might be wondering what a luchador mask is…if you are curious it is a Mexican wrestling mask. He, of course, wanted something related to Cinco de Mayo and has been threatening me for months to wear one as I come down the isle to marry him.

He found some masks he liked online and ordered one for each groomsmen. Then we had to wait for them to arrive and ask the boys.

The first victim was Tom. Tom is Doug’s (awesome) step brother that lives in Tennessee. We either had to wait until Thanksgiving or send him a package. Doug decided to send him a package stuffed with Zapps, the mask and a letter asking Tom to be a groomsmen.

A few days after he sent the package, I got an email from Doug that said, “Tom said yes :)” with this photo:


I am so excited Tom agreed to be in the wedding! I always enjoy spending time with him. Yay!

Love and hugs!! Lizzie

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Engagement Party

First of all, I have the best family and friends anyone could ask for. Secondly, they get better and better (if that is possible).

Mom and Dad offered wanted to throw an engagement party for Doug and I. My aunt offered to host it at her house in New Orleans and Ashley assisted them all in planning the event. The actual party happened this past Friday night and it WAS AMAZING.

I am still collecting pictures, but here are a few from Amanda’s camera:
(notice doug is sporting an orange stripped bow tie.)


The parents finally meet!! My parents finally met Doug’s mom and Steve! IMG_2464

The food was phenomenal! Great job Mom, Dad, Aunt Donna, and Aunt Gina! You really outdid yourselves!



We did manage to get 5 of the 8 bridesmaids at the party for a picture (and some silliness)


My Dad also did a great job welcoming Doug into the family and thanking all the hosts. He toasted Doug and I’s future nuptials. It was very sweet. Smile


The night was a success. I had many of my close friends and family there to celebrate with me. Thank you to everyone involved. I love you!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The latest wedding update

So. As I am still waiting to work out the video issues, I think I will update you on wedding plans.

All the bridesmaids have been asked.

I met with the florist today and it is going to be a lot of green and white. I am so very excited.

I am working on plant rentals from a awesome guy in Covington.

There will be A LOT of candles at this wedding.

Did I mention the dance floor is ordered?!!?!?? Black!!! I am so pumped to not use that terrible wood flooring.

The bridesmaids dress color has been chosen and they have all starting picking out the dress they prefer. Everyone likes a different dress so far…

I tried a new spray tanner this past week to see how it looked. Ehh. It was ok. I think I have to stick with Ms. Sarah on the westbank.

I think I have settled on a grooms cake idea. It will be a surprise, as tradition calls.

I think I have picked out a dress officially.

I am working on hair, makeup and AV pricing currently.

If you are crafty and want to help, let me know….I think we will be making a lot of d├ęcor for the wedding.

The end for now.

Love and hugs, Lizzie

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bridesmaids–Volume V–Sarah

Sarah and I met in 2004 while working a wedding together. The story begins before I actually met her. I was working for a wedding planner and as we prepared for a BIG wedding she let me know this girl “Sarah” would be working the event with us. She proceed to tell me how amazing, wonderful and efficient Sarah was (is). She spoke of her being her children’s nanny AND wedding assistant. She spoke so highly of her that I knew this “Sarah” would be a huge pain in my butt and I would dislike her instantly. I actually did dislike her without even meeting her.

The day of the wedding I dreaded meeting this “sun-shining-out-of-her-ass Sarah”. When I got to the venue I started working. This nice looking girl walked up and asked if I was Lizzie. Surely this was not the evil bitch Sarah….but I was wrong (about all things above). This nice, friendly, take no b.s. from the wedding planner was the “Sarah” I was dreading. Turns out we had a lot in common, became best of friends, and ended up living together in 2004 until now.

Here are some pictures from her book:

428790002CEBA DoorI Shamrock IrelandIMG_0057Sarah and Lizzie at Arnaud'sSarah Balyeat and LizDSC01425IMG_0106DSC05407DSC06134DSC07151IMG_0145IMG_0603IMG_1547Lizzie and Sarah - Arnaud'sIMG_2882IMG_2985IMG_3278

I decided to ask Sarah on her birthday this year. Her boyfriend, Donnie, grilled for dinner as Doug and I attended to celebrate her birthday. I asked Doug to take pictures of her opening her presents. Not only did he take pictures, but also a video. Enjoy!!


Go to 47 seconds to see the very end…yay!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

P.S. Still having issues with the converter….I might have to wait to announce the rest of the bridesmaids until next week. Forgive me!