Monday, October 13, 2014

Janice and Alex’s Official Birthday Celebration

So, I might have made a phallic cake for my brother and Janice’s birthday. 2014-08-26-18-01-24_IMG_4304

I might have surprised them just to get this reaction. 2014-08-26-18-01-28_IMG_4306

Pretty sure they were speechless. 2014-08-26-18-01-37_IMG_43072014-08-26-18-01-39_IMG_4309

They might have giggled a lot. 2014-08-26-18-01-42_IMG_4310

They posed like good kids with the cake. 2014-08-26-18-02-37_IMG_4313

Then they got to open their birthday presents!

Love Janice’s face in this one…2014-08-26-18-04-45_IMG_43142014-08-26-18-05-29_IMG_43172014-08-26-18-07-55_IMG_43212014-08-26-18-05-29_IMG_43182014-08-26-18-09-06_IMG_43252014-08-26-18-11-04_IMG_43282014-08-26-18-11-30_IMG_4329

Happy birthday you too!

And remember, just because it is phallic does not mean it is not phancy. (That was homemade cake and icing from scratch!)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stephanie’s Bachelorette Party!

August was a super fun month. One of the events was Stephanie’s Bachelorette Party.

See the neat invite I created for the event!?!

Stephanie Smith Bachelorette Invite

Funny, we actually changed EVERYTHING the week before. So none of this is correct! ha. Not even the time.


We had a great group of girls together for Stephanie!


We used the Penthouse at Le Foret. It was amazing.


The first event was a wine tasting for 10 of the ladies.



We played a few games, ate some delicious food and celebrated Stephanie!



Congrats Stephanie! It was great celebrating with you!


We had a blast!2014-08-23-21-38-31_IMG_4287

I promise to not post the videos from this evening.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Saturday, October 11, 2014

NORC goes to Tableau!

Enjoy our visit to Tableau!












Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Friday, October 10, 2014

Red Dress Run (August 8, 2014) NOLA

On the morning of August 8, my lovely, sassy husband woke up, put on his red dress…

and ran from our house to the Red Dress Run. 2014-08-09-08-22-39_IMG_4055

Yes, the RDR is in the French Quarter. 2014-08-09-08-22-39_IMG_4056

Yes, that is many miles away. Yes, he is a beast.

Evidently, he got a few honks on River Road and some cat calls on St. Charles.

Doug ran the RDR. Sarah and I dressed up in red dresses and went to pick him up. 2014-08-09-11-38-16_IMG_40592014-08-09-11-39-54_IMG_4061

We got there to a sea of red. 2014-08-09-11-36-14_IMG_4058


Hundreds of runners all in red. It is quite a sight to see.


After the run, we decided to have a beverage. We tried Arnaud’s but it was closed. Then we tried GW Fins, but they were closed. Then Sarah thought of the Frozevelts at the Roosevelt!

Off we went. Doug finally sat down and relaxed.


We got plenty of odd looks at the pool bar until about 30 fellow runners came to enjoy the pool also. 2014-08-09-12-25-48_IMG_4078

We enjoyed the Frosevelts and some pizza from Domenica. What an awesome day.2014-08-09-12-26-07_IMG_4080

We relaxed by the pool bar for a few hours and enjoyed the odd looks. I think we explained the RDR to about 100 tourists.

Until next year!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

P.S. No, I let doug ride in the car home. He did not have to run home. Smile

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cinco de Augusto (with Sabrina!)


Sabrina was in town for August 5 so we asked her to take a photo with us and Cinco. She is often featured with Cinco (when she is in town).


We had just gotten in from playing volleyball so we were kinda gross,2014-08-05-22-20-20_IMG_4048

but gross or not, we MUST CELEBRATE!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

August Calorie Update

Here the the update from July 5 to August 5.

I have still not missed tracking for one day. I owe no one $5. I am tracking, but keeping it within 26 points has been the challenge.

I was kicking some butt on fitbit!


Yeah! Number 2!!


My weight watchers numbers…


As you can see I had a little weight gain in July. Summer is really hard, but that is just an excuse, right?

At least I have to post it to shame me back into reality Smile At least I can say September seems to be going a bit better.

I am going to make this happen.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie