Thursday, January 28, 2016

24 Weeks!–December 26, 2015

When we hit 24 weeks pregnant we celebrated with some sparkling grape juice! We did it big! Well, for bedrest. Open-mouthed smile


24 weeks was our first goal. The twins were at least viable and could survive if they were born. It was worth celebrating.

Our next big goal was 28 weeks (January 23, 2016). On we went. Our next doctors appointment was December 28. From there, everyting would change.

Love and hugs, Lizzie

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Christmas Eve and other Christmas events

On our “Christmas Eve”" we had an Extravaganza with special surprise guests! Aunt Sue and Uncle Billy came to suprise us! It was so great seeing them. We played games and had a blast!


I jumped into the photo!2015-12-19-21-04-58_IMG_3252

Then Dad tried to take a photo of us, but he cut out Uncle Billy completly! Dad, were you wearing your glasses?2015-12-19-21-05-20_IMG_3253

All our stockings in a row….2015-12-20-06-35-47_IMG_3254

You already saw the Christmas Post from a few days ago…On December 26 we video chatted with Doug’s family, but took no photos! We are so lame. We got to see BG open gifts and be all cute. It was super fun. Thank you to DJ, Steve, Tom, Jenni, Craig and BG for making it special.

On real Christmas Eve we had some special visitors. Shawn, Lauren and Sam stopped by so we could give Sam her Christmas gifts. She was super excited to open her gifts…


She did way better this year! Open-mouthed smile She saw other gifts wrapped and offered to open those as well, but we graciously declined. So cute.

Doug and I had a really laid back Christmas Day. It was the quietest Christmas day we will ever have from here on out. Smile

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More December Bedrest Fun

I just realized I missed some updates prior to Christmas….here they are..

Some delicious pizza from Eric and Mandy Smile2015-12-14-17-48-32_IMG_3230

The best part of bedrest! Your mom drying your hair…2015-12-17-16-19-33_IMG_3234

Once Alex and Janice got in town we celebrated Mom’s birthday!! Happy Birthday MOM!2015-12-17-17-39-37_IMG_32352015-12-17-17-39-46_IMG_32382015-12-17-17-39-50_IMG_32402015-12-17-17-39-56_IMG_3241

Doug was awesome enough to hang our Christmas cards where I could see them..



My 3 boys all in a row!


Thank you Kat and Ryan for the Cajun Kringle!! You guys rock…2015-12-23-09-30-21_IMG_3263

Doug marking off the weeks and days…


The moment Bunki, the cat, was beating me on Fitbit. He is really kicking my bootie now!


My Hoodrat not beating me in steps….I loved being on bedrest at home as I got to hang with my boys all day long…


My surprise guest drying my hair. Seriously, the best… THANK YOU SABRINA FOR COMING IN TOWN…and for drying my hair…2015-12-29-11-15-49_IMG_3292

and for all the other million things you did.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Monday, January 25, 2016

Peyroux Christmas at the Shack!

Since I could not go to Christmas at my parents, they brought Christmas to me!

All 8 of us crammed into The Shack to celebrate Jesus and give each other gifts. First the elves handed them all out…


Then it was gift opening time! Here are some of the better faces/reactions:2015-12-20-09-53-20_IMG_8688







After opening gifts, we ate and ate and ate. Then we napped. Well, I did for sure…


After naps (Janice, Ashley and I ended up in the bed asleep), we took our family photo!


Thank you Mom and Dad for our fancy PJ pants!

And of course, we took a prospector photo. Merry Christmas! ha.2015-12-20-19-00-56_2015-12-20-19-00-56_IMG_8813

It was a wonderful, cramped Christmas. Thank you all for coming to me! I loved spending time with y’all.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie