About Us

Written by Sarah Balyeat

Once upon a time, on the edge of Lake Pontchartrain in the sandy land of Coconut Beach, Douglas George Brown volunteered to substitute during a volleyball game. Doug in a torn and tattered white t-shirt and board shorts greeted his new teammates, which included the vivacious Elizabeth Betty Peyroux. On that fateful evening in September 2007 Doug and Lizzie stood under the glittering stadium lights and they bumped, set and spiked it…together. And together they would stay. After spending time together on and off the volleyball court, they really started to get to know each other. Doug wooed Lizzie with his data oriented mind, swarthy good looks, eclectic wardrobe of torn t-shirts and over achievement in athletic endeavors (volleyball, 1/2 marathons, marathons, triathlons, cycling races, etc, etc). Lizzie charmed Doug with her stellar planning skills, financially savvy mind, bubbly laugh, bad jokes and love of travel. Over the past four years Lizzie and Doug have proven time and again what a perfect match they are for one another. Lizzie is the chick to Doug’s magnet, the set to his spike, the roux to his gumbo! And Doug is the introvert to Lizzie’s extrovert, the 01100011 01101111 01100100 01100101 00001101 00001010 (“code” in binary) to her program, the data to her collection.

On April 1, 2011 (after almost four years of data collecting) Doug asked Lizzie to marry him. With no April Fool’s Day joke in sight, Lizzie joyfully accepted. Now we await the next minor holiday they plan to memorialize their lives with, Cinco de Mayo 2012! On May 5, 2012 Lizzie and Doug will wed and officially begin their Happily Ever After.

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