Thursday, March 31, 2016

Valentines Day 2016

Another holiday spent in the hospital! Doug really did it big this year! He had roses sent to the hospital and they were so beautiful. Two dozen!2016-2-13-00-00_IMG_3624


Then on Valentine’s Day (weekend), he came and decorated my room!


Then I made him open his gifts!


I had other visitors V-day weekend!


Courtney and Margaret came to see me! Look at the beautiful flowers Margaret brought me!

Then on Valentine’s Day – the tradition continued! We spent it with Gene!2016-02-14-17-23_IMG_3645

We might have bought him a big, pink unicorn. Happy Love Day Gene and thanks for bringing Rachel to our traditional love day event! She is awesome!

One final photo of doug’s decorations:


They stayed up all weekend! Thank you Doug! You did an amazing job of making it special. I love you baby!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Poppi visits and a trip outside!

Mom came to visit me so many times! I am so blessed to have an amazing, supportive family.

On this particular day, we decided to venture outside. It was my first trip where I planned to be out for a while – brought blankets, pillows, etc. 


She wheeled me out and we sat/laid in the sun. It was a beautiful day!2016-02-11-16-01_IMG_3613

Here I am laying like a goddess outside the ER. ha!2016-02-11-16-01_IMG_3615

The funny part about this day is what happened after this photo was taken. A few minutes later two security guards walk out towards us. I see them and make a joke about making a “run for it”. They laughed and walked right up to us.

They said they had gotten a call from inside the hospital that a lady was laying outside the ER indecently exposed! Me? Exposed? I mean, I guess that is a lot of leg there, but I surely showed no belly unless my shirt crept up. We all laughed and they apologized for disturbing my rest. They said they had to follow up on the call. We laughed and laughed for hours.

Me? Exposed with this belly? I don’t think so!

From then on I was known as the “ER sunbather”. Security all knew me by name and knew who I was anytime I went out to the sun.

I am so famous.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mardi Gras Day 2016–Hospital Style

On Mardi Gras day, I had big plans. I got all dressed up in my new hospital gown (thank you Cynthia!), put on my makeup and went out to celebrate my favorite holiday of the year.

I also had an amazing visitor come document the day. Angelle Missios of NOLA Birth Photographer came to document this part of my pregnancy! It was so great to see her. She had been documenting my whole IVF road. Check out her site for more details. She will also be there for the birth of the brownies to document that big day!

All the photos from this blog are from her!

See the parades on the TV above…

Here is my bedrest countdown. December was spent at home. Then I was hospitalized on NYE…

We celebrated each week with a new sign…

This was my monitor strip from that morning…

See my Muses shoe from my Aunt Donna!

My wonderful DB. Love you babe!

Mardi Gras loot and my monitor. Smile Just normal stuff, you know?

This is where our lived revolved for 3 months.

Then it was time for my morning walk!

Off we went! I was still getting 1000 steps a day.

The nurses were entertained by my outfit and that we had a photographer with us.

Lots of love…

Here is Angelle and I! Thank you Angelle for these photos! I love them Open-mouthed smile You rock so hard! See you soon for the birth!

I just love this one last photo. My wonderful hubby. I am so blessed.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Monday, March 28, 2016

Mardi Gras Parades via Parade Cam 2016

Mardi Gras continued with me watching all the parades on the surface. The connection was an issue sometimes and I missed the Sirens one time because of my wifi. Most of the time it was issues on their side. Frustrating, but at least I had this connection to the outside.

As people found out I was watching all the parades, I would get shout outs on the route. It was FREAKING AWESOME. One night Doug walked up to the camera and wished me a happy Mardi Gras and I heard it. I freaked out. Thank you DB for the shoutout! I loved it.

On Friday, Feb 5 I watched d’Etat and got to see the sirens dance for no longer than 7 minutes! It was awesome! Danielle was evidently dancing for me as she knew where the camera was.


Lots of Erin T and Erin H:2016-02-05-20-44_IMG_03692016-02-05-20-44_IMG_03702016-02-05-20-44_IMG_03712016-02-05-20-46_IMG_0375

Me watching the parades! Check out my Nyx and Muses loot in the background.2016-02-05-20-48_IMG_0378

Then I was looking for Sarah (a pirate)! She saw the camera and was waving at me!2016-02-05-20-56_IMG_03872016-02-05-20-56_IMG_0390

On Saturday, Feb 6, I had some special visitors (Scott and Jacque) deliver a special gift for doug:


and a special gift for me! (photo credit – Angelle Missios of Nola Birth Photographer)

The pig was passed even in a year when I could not get to the parades. This is super special to me. The pig has a short, but rich history. It just make me happy and is a special shared item between Scott and I. Much love to you both!

On Sunday, Thoth rode:


I got a photo of John riding!


I hate that it sucks, but here is a better photo taken by Eddie Guterrez:12694787_10207446771142746_6723637433562545584_o

Next was Scott’s float… they come around the bend I see a white sign hanging of the float where Scott should be….


it got closer…2016-02-07-15-46_IMG_0416

and then I could finally read it!


You can’t read it here, but it said, “Hey Lizzie!”2016-02-07-15-46_IMG_0420

I freaked out and took a video of my reaction after…2016-02-07-15-46_IMG_0421

I would post it, but it just me squealing and thanking Scott for the love. 2016-02-07-15-46_IMG_0422

Love you buddy! Thank you for the shout out! The announcer even said…
”Oh a sign….Hi Lizzie!” Double shout out!

I continued to watch the parades all weekend and through Mardi Gras day. I had lots of visitors with loot, stories and the FB was full of data. I did Mardi Gras the best way I could.

I did send Doug out many nights and days (like it was a terrible mission for him or something) to have some fun. He did a great job coming to see me each day and telling me all about Mardi Gras. It was beautiful weather this season. I am glad he got out for us.

There was a drinking incident involving margaritas, a bike ride and a bike fall, but we will just mention it in passing here. For the full story, see Doug.

I did have one surprise visitor come to see me on Mardi Gras day to document the process. That will be the next blog.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie