Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Riding in Tucks! 2014

It was finally time to ride in Tucks! Doug and Sarah had never ridden in a Mardi Gras parade before. I requested to be between them. We were also next to Ms. Gay and Ms. Ann (the reason we were riding in Tucks!).
We arrived to the float with all of our throws on it. We had preloaded the day before and everything pretty much stayed where it was. We prepped our throws (put together plungers, cups with lids, etc) and got our “space” ready.
We stopped for a quick lunch and then got back on the float eager to get moving.
We had some special guests stop by to see us:

Totally ready to go!

We got dressed, put on our harnesses and masks, and were totally ready to go. As usual, the parade started a bit later than we hoped, so we took some video!
Doug, Gay and Ann
Sarah’s video:
Finally rolling:
Let’s Go - 3 seconds.

We actually used Doug’s GoPro and filmed the entire 3.5 hour ride. We plan to splice it where we know people, but we have not gotten to it yet.
Once we finally got to Canal Street, Sarah and I realized we still had way to many throws – we passed them out to everyone who was out and they helped us get ride of our throws.
We got off the float (feeling dirty – like grimy) and headed up to Ms. Ann and Ms. Gay’s room to freshen up. Washing my hands was glorious. They were almost all black from the throws and the float.
We headed down to the party and ate. They served delicious fried chicken, sides and king cake. We were thrilled. IMG_4599
Sadly, I had developed a headache so we did not stay the entire time, but it was still a blast.

Later that night we were getting all kinds of facebook lovin.
“Thanks for the Tucks loot!”

There was also a photo Jamie posted, but I can’t find it now. Alas.
Overall, it was a lot of fun. Doug and Sarah had a blast. 
Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Toilet Brushes!

As Tucks riders, we were given some extra toilet brushes to decorate and we were pumped! Doug took them outside and spray painted them. IMG_4510

Sarah and I were inside working out our costumes (50’s sock hop Mardi Gras girls). We had cut our skirts out and were then decorating them.

After the skirts were mainly done, we started decorating the brushes.

Here are our amazing toilet brushes!

I made this one for Scott H – see the S on the butt?

Doug made this one for Leon:

This was Doug’s favorite:

And here are the Saint’s ones we made:

We stacked them up with our other specialty throws…

and called it a night.

We were pretty pumped about the brushes. It never ends Smile

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Monday, April 28, 2014


Sarah, Doug and I had paid and were riding in the Tucks parade for Mardi Gras. That means we got to attend the coronation ball AND the after party of the parade.

The Tucks Coronation ball was held at the Marriott on Canal. When we received the invitation, we knew it would be fun. It said costumes were preferred. Usually coronations are very boring and full of pomp and circumstance. I was actually considering not attending until I realized what kind of party this would be.

We decided on costumes and headed downtown. (Doug’s bee costume seemed to be the hit of the night. And yes, that is MY bee costume and tights.)

There were a lot of Great costumes just in the lobby. We finally headed up to the ball. Doug looks so naked.

We found some of Doug’s hive…(doug is the least dressed. ha!)

Then it was time for the royal court to be presented. They first presented the maids. It was amazing. The Maids were dressed as French maids! Not the trational krewe at all. Not only were they dressed as French maids, but they were all ages and they got “burned” as they walked up. It was hilarious and very inappropriate. Finally, the King and Queen were presented.

The royal court was together!

THEN it got awesome…

The band entered.

Al “Carnival Time” Johnson performed his famous song, …

Al “Carnival Time” Johnson performs at the Krewe of Tucks Coronation Ball

and we had a mini parade!

Get down girls.

We stayed out late dancing and having a blast. It really was fun. I am so glad we went. I am glad Doug F got to come with us! He is a fun dude – even as a crocodile.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sabrina’s Visit comes to an end :(

Sabrina had flown around the world for Ashley’s wedding. She planned to stay for a week. Sadly, it was time for her to go home.

The day before she left, it randomly hailed. She had not seen hail (or much rain for that matter) in years so she went out to play in the hail.

Clearly, I just watched through the window.


The last night she was in town, we did our traditional goodbye: Coffee Call. Sadly, this will be the last time we will go there as a traditional send off as they will be moving.

We sat at the bar with mirrors to creepily watch everyone in the restaurant and ourselves I guess.

It was delicious. Thank you Sabrina for flying around the world to be with us. We loved having you here.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cinco de February-o and Feb Fun.

Who got flowers on February 3? This girl. That DB is so smart. IMG_1434

Then we ended up at a Pelicans Game with Sarah, Sabrina, and Doug F. Thanks, Doug F, for the tickets!


Then it was the 5th of February! We were about to decorate toilet brushes so we decided to take the photo in the bathroom! ha!

We are some crazy kids.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie