Thursday, April 7, 2016

Crawfish at Browntown!

On March 25, Ashley and Andrew came over with some crawfish for everyone to enjoy!2016-03-25-18-07-14_IMG_3959

Sadly, I only ate 4 or 5 since I am already swollen enough. They were delicious. Thanks Doug for peeling me a few crawfish! Open-mouthed smile2016-03-25-18-12-09_IMG_3963

It was the first time I had sat on our side porch! I love our new house. I have so much to learn about it!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Nursery!

We finally got to working on the Nursery a few weeks ago! Here is doug being all manly.


Setting up the cribs!2016-03-18-22-20-31_IMG_3921

The room is not ready yet, but we are headed in the right direction!

Ashley, Alex, and Janice helped me so much in getting the house organized. They were my runners while I sent them in 10 different directions! Thank you for your help! We would  not be this far without you guys. Especially Ashley. She has come over so many times to help.

Getting there!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

February and March Things

A few things of note over Feb and March that were of note!

1. My first solo outing was on Feb 17 when I went outside by myself!


I went out a few times….here I am on March 5 before my bday.


2. Doug’s company sent me a package EACH WEEK I was in the hospital. They were so supportive and have been treating us so well. Thank you so much RSC!


3. Doug texted me this while I was still hospitalized and wanted a cat photo: (Hoodrat sleeping on DB)


4. My whole company met in Arizona this year and one night they called me and I got to video chat with them.


5. Irritability: This is why I was in the hospital. Your uterus should not have mini contractions like this.


This was a monster contraction I had.


6. There was a major discussion on how big my nose has spread. My sweet mom disagreed that my nose was bigger. I made this comparison and we still laugh about it. My current nose is on the left. My skinny, unpregnant nose is on the right. haha!


What do you think?

7. I was reading my pregnancy app and this came up…


Oh how I know Terb so well. That is the drug I was on for the entire hospital stay. That stuff burns, but boy did it work well.

8. A regular view while in the hospital


9. What I sent doug a week or two ago. Open-mouthed smile




Love and Hugs! Lizzie

Monday, April 4, 2016

HOME finally!

Yesterday, I told you I got to go home on March 13. I showed you me at the front door.


We went inside and I rested. I was determined not to end up back in the hospital. Doug went out to cut the grass and I took a nap. Later that day we had visitors! Ashley and Andrew came to hang out with me. Doug had finished cutting the grass and Ashley and Andrew enjoyed the swing 2016-03-13-17-06-32_IMG_3851

while our pool had its first visitor!

First pool use at the new house! Doug jumps in!

The next days and weeks looked a lot like this…(those are my legs under the blanket)


We had our first meal together in the new house!


It was cabbage lasagna sauce soup. Long story! haha

Then I got this cat collecting app:


Life is so good! Open-mouthed smile

I rested a lot. Drank a lot of water. Had some visitors. It was wonderful.

Only a few weeks before the Brownies arrive!! (in blog life)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Released from the hospital! 74 days.

The week after my birthday we tried weaning me off the drugs for the second time. I did not have high hopes. The first time did not go so well. We went slower this time and were successful!

I was so excited, but being cautiously optimistic. I was concerned I would get home and only be there for a day or two have have to go back. I tried to keep my excitement tempered.

We had a doctors appointment the morning of March 13 (my 35th week of being preggers). If all went well, she planned to release me. Lucky 13!

The exam went well – meaning things looked no worse and she said I could go home. We were so excited! Doug packed up the room.


He took a load or two out to the car while I enjoyed my last hospital meal. 2016-03-13-11-59-59_IMG_38342016-03-13-12-17-43_IMG_3838

Doug took all the things off the wall, packed up all my clothes, flowers, etc. 2016-03-13-12-17-47_IMG_38392016-03-13-12-17-50_IMG_3840

Then finally I was discharged!

Ms. Toni got me a wheel chair and after 74 days in the hospital I was loaded into a car and taken to my brand new house. 2016-03-13-13-18-37_IMG_38412016-03-13-13-23-13_IMG_3844

Doug drove me away! It was so amazing and freeing!2016-03-13-13-30-21_IMG_3845

Finally home! Here I am at the front door!


I took it super easy that day. I just cuddled with my cats and enjoyed being at home. No shots. No monitors. No knocks on the door. Just Lizzie and Doug.

It was so great. I cannot explain how great it was. 74 days in one hospital room with a few outings outside and downstairs. 74 days.

Was it necessary? Yes. Was it for a good cause? Yes! Was it worth it? Of course. Did it suck sometimes? Yes, but rarely. I missed living with Doug.

My new goal was to not push myself so I could be home for the last few weeks with Doug. This would be the last time we would be without kids. I wanted to soak it up.

Next up: HOME LIFE! (still on bedrest, but so much better.)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Saturday, April 2, 2016

My Birthday weekend!

As usual, we made the best of living in a hospital! It was my birthday and we had a blast.


Doug delivered the gifts from him and his family on the 5th (with the Fro-yo and Izzos). They were so sweet and did not have to do so much!


Thank you so much Doug, DJ, Steve, Jenni, Craig, Tom and BG! You guys are really too sweet! You did not have to send all that!

The following day Doug made traditional birthday breakfast – Coffee Cake!Doug and Chandra sang happy birthday and I blew out my candles. We had our doctors appt around 11 am and all was well. I got all dressed up and headed downstairs for a birthday party in the conference room. I think close to 60 people stopped by during the “open” house party.


Sarah had a cot brought down so I could lay and visit with all my amazing friends and family. (Thank you Sarah for this and for the million other things you made happen!)


After the party we headed up and I opened gifts from my family. Thank you Mom, Dad, Ashley, Andrew, Alex and Janice! You guys are too awesome!

Here is the only photo I have of me opening gifts from them!


I can say I slept well that night! I was exhausted. Open-mouthed smile So much being social. I also did not have a bunch of contractions. The party did not put me in labor so it was a win-win!

Thank you again to everyone who made it happen. I had a great birthday!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie