Monday, November 30, 2015

Red Dress Run and The Roosevelt!

Doug and I decided to get a room at the Roosevelt for the weekend of the Red Dress Run. The idea was we did not have to drive after Frozavelts, but since was preggers I was not drinking anyway. Oh well! It still was awesome!

Our room was awesome! We had a King Suite.

Above was the “living room” and below was the bedroom. Smile IMG_2721

Saturday morning we walked down to the start line…


I was in my bathing suit and ready for the pool!IMG_2724

While Doug ran around, I did this…IMG_2726

Eventually doug came back. Here is is ordering a drink….check out the panties! (A Christmas present from DJ and Steve!)IMG_2728

We ended up in a cabana (thank you Cynthia!) with a fun group of friends!IMG_2743

Pretty sure I won this game…IMG_2744

The next morning we went to church at Immaculate Conception and asked for a blessing from the priest as we had just found out we were preggers.

He gave us a great blessing and as we walked outside, Doug found a penny. I looked down and found a second one.


I was sure it was twins when we found two pennies! Too strange!

Then we headed to Croissant D’or for brunch. It was delicious. I would eat there all the time if I lived in the Quarter. IMG_2736

I was still doing test everyday and things were still looking good…


I went in on Monday and found out my HCG was 1750 – it was very heavily leaning towards twins! Eek!

We had a great weekend. I just love the Roosevelt. We had a great stay.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Sunday, November 29, 2015

NORC goes to Restaurant August (August 7, 2015)

Finally! NORC went to Restaurant August! I had been trying to get NORC into August for YEARS. Finally, I found a loop hole and snuck my way in. I kept it low key. No place cards, no table d├ęcor. Just August. 2015-08-07-19-11-27_IMG_8388







We had a great night. The food was so freaking good.

Thank you Restaurant August!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pregnancy Blood Test Day–IVF Update (August 7, 2015)

It was finally the day. I went to to the clinic that morning and they drew my blood. Then I had to wait again. Smile

The tests were looking better and better, but you still want the official word.

001_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

Angelle came over and got ready for the call. 002_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

Finally the phone rang…

004_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

and we got good news! This the moment we found out we were pregnant- officially.005_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

008_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

009_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

010_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

Oh – This is exciting!011_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

012_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

013_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

014_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

We also videoed the call. Here you go:

The call (3 mins)

Then we pulled out the props! It was official!

016_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

017_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

020_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

029_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

030_Lizzie Doug_08-07-15

Good news, finally! We were so excited (and still are). The next big question was if we had one or two in there?!? Time would tell. Open-mouthed smile

This just changed everything!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Friday, November 27, 2015

August Cinco gets dinner with the Jacque and Scott!

We finally got to see Jacque and Scott (all of our schedules are a bit insane)…and it was awesome!


We ate dinner at Pizza Domenia. So yummy. 2015-08-05-21-01-39_IMG_8350

I am pretty sure puts his hand on his hip to mock me. Stop it doug!


We also took a few pics with Cinco and our pregnancy tests. Eek!

The wait continued!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Home Pregnancy Testing–To do it or not to do it?

Some women are strong and do no home testing. I am not one of those women. Three days after the transfer I got my first negative pregnancy test.


I was not upset at all – THREE DAYS is not long enough to wait. I was just curious.

Then I started seeing a FAINT line.


Then the lines got stronger.


Since I trigger ovulation with HCG and these tests test for HCG I had to not just see a line, but the line had to darken each day.

As the tests looked better and better each day, I emailed my nurse and doctor. They said I could come in early for blood tests.

Just a few more days to get more data!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

FET Implant Day–IVF (July 28, 2015)

It was finally the big day! I was all healed up on the inside, my lining was good, I was on terrible progesterone injections and it was time to put those to babies in their (hopefully) future home.

Doug got all dressed and ready to go….IMG_2626

They said to go with a full bladder. I did and then we ran 45 minutes late. Not good. I was in a lot of bladder pain. IMG_2630



They rolled me in and said my bladders was too full – well duh. We were 45 minutes. They tried to catheterize me and it was awful. AWFUL. I cried and they let me go to the bathroom.

The process was not easy or fun. I am glad Angelle was not there to capture it was it was not good.

When it was finally over, I had to lay there for 15 minutes. My bladder was still so full that is was painful. I was not in a good place. When they finally let me run to the bathroom, I was so much better. That process was worse than I expected.

We headed home and celebrated by eating our Frostys! They did not need to be in the freezer anymore!


Here are the pictures of our two babies they put in!July 28 - 3 day old Embabies 2015

They don’t look like much there, but that is how we all start Smile

The next step is the dreaded two week wait for the pregnancy blood test. I was told it is the longest two weeks of your life. We got ready for the wait, said lots of prayers, and hoped for the best.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie