Monday, July 23, 2012


My sweet, wonderful and awesome Ashley is one fabulous year older!

We celebrated her birthday with friends and family on Saturday (a post waiting to happen) and I get to celebrate with her again today!

I hope this year rocks!

Love you Ashley!



Friday, July 20, 2012

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brown!

Doug and I were introduced and we entered into the ballroom.DSC_0309DSC_0311

Doug led me around the dance floor as The Mixed Nuts played Fly me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra. Lizzie_DougWED_0789_COLOR_large

We had been practicing the Fox Trot for months and had taken private lessons to make the first dance a little different. We had a great time practicing and fox trotting at the wedding.

Then it was time for the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance. Doug and I chose They All Asked For You by the Meters. Again, we wanted something a little untraditional.

Dad and I had practiced the week before and he had all his moves lined up.


Dad pulled out the shopping cart, sprinkler and lawnmower for our dance. He is a wild man. As we were dancing he said, “Mom said I could do any moves I wanted because not many people would be watching, but as I look around everyone is watching….” I laughed and agreed no one would be looking if we had done a traditional dance. Who would miss this show!

After the two “formal” dances, doug and I stayed on the dance floor to get the party started.

Lizzie_DougWED_0891_COLOR_largeSoon after, all the bridesmaids and some groomsmen joined us and the party officially started.

Doug and I did not leave the dance floor for a few songs. After a bit, we decided to make some rounds and say hello to people. I also remember my bustle coming out from all the dancing. Ashley was all over me and took care of everything.

The only scheduled event left for the evening was the cake cutting so we knew we had time to visit and dance the night away, or so we thought. There was one scheduled event we had no idea about…I will tell you about it next week!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Reception at the JW Marriott– Overview

The party officially began as we entered the ballroom. Before I do separate posts on specific events that happened (like the girls flashdance or cutting the cake), I want to do a general overview of the wedding.

There was A LOT of work done to the ballroom for the reception. Let’s go on  a tour. 

Second floor:

Projected on the second story wall (our logo):

Foyer and cocktail area complete with margarita machine, rows upon rows of Mexican tissue paper flags, and lanterns from the ceiling:100_1580DSC_0296783

Inside the ballroom:

The spinning flag centerpieces were in action! (Thanks again Scott!)

Enough cake to feed an army:

Dancing Shoes:


Alex Harvie (more on him later):

A photo booth (more on this later):


Here is the head nut and dear friend of mine: Chuck Credo!

And the Draft boards….why there is only a picture of Doug’s Team is a concern of mine. I will have to take that up with Collin :)


I took all the ingredients you just reviewed and mixed 200 guests, three stocked bars, and a dance floor.

Here is just one photo of the results:


Now that the scene is set, we can move on with the party. Tomorrow we start the party with the first dances.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Second line down Canal Street– May 5, 2012

Lets set the scene: Doug and I are walking out of the Immaculate Conception after an awesome wedding ceremony. The church coordinator, Julie, meets me at the rear of the church and tells me there was a mix up on the time for the second line.

I knew immediately what happened. When I originally filed the paperwork, I put the wrong time on the form. I realized my error (thanks to Kim) and submitted the changes. I was told the changes were noted, but they must not have made it to the officers in charge. The showed up at 6:15 pm for the second line instead of 7:15 pm.

Julie told me the officers had to leave for a different second line, but they would be back soon to second line my group. I just figured we would dance in the street as the Second Line Band (The Paulin Brothers) were there and playing for us.

I was pulled aside to remove my veil, bustle my train and get pumped to lead the second line.  I have no idea what doug was doing while I was getting prepped.


The second line umbrellas were delivered and Julie told me the police were already back and we could start the parade!541068_10150913076715185_1806546401_n

So off we went! The Paulin Brothers lead the second line, followed by Shawn (the best man) with the Lizzie + Doug sign, then doug and I, the bridal party, parents and wedding guests. We went down Baronne Street…


and took a right on Canal Boulevard. Tourist were taking pictures and videos of us! It was so crazy.


The police had blocked off the entire three lanes for our second line. I was floored. I did not expect all three lanes, but I guess that is the only safe way to do it. We had such fun…can you tell?


Once we got to the JW, doug and I led the parade inside and up the stairs. Lizzie_DougWED_0713_COLOR_large
(Above: you get a glimpse of our photographer – Collin on the left side of the pic!)

Once we were upstairs, doug and I headed to a private room to eat and have some quite time before we came out to party. We ate while our guests cocktailed. There was a 30 minute cocktail period for everyone in the foyer.

We got word they were opening the doors and and food line. Doug and I practiced dancing the fox trot we planned and I found out I could not do it in my heels. The dress weighed down the hoop skirt too much and my heels were getting caught in the hoops. Ashley came by to help my change shoes and do a few other necessary details. We practiced again in my white, glittery Toms and were good to go. It was time to be announced as Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brown.

Next up: The party starts!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie