Wednesday, December 31, 2014

October Goals Update

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (posting on NYE 2014) It seems fitting that my NYE post includes my goals for 2014. Smile Enjoy!


I have some exciting news! As of October, DB got back on Fitbit! To prove I am awesomer than DB, I took this snapshot….see! No doug on the scoreboard.


ohh no…..There he is! See him at #11 coming to get me.


I watched this happen over a matter of days…now he is #4! Jerk.


Then, just like that is bumped me out of my top spot and I have yet to gain a spot over him since.


It only took him 4 days to come back and whip my bootie on FB. Such a jerk. Then he went above and beyond and beat Smiley.


He had purchased a jawbone and since then has gotten the new Fitbit Surge. It is pretty freaking sweet. Keep on Rocking DB!

Back to me!

I am looking good on my Fitbit 10k steps per day goal for the year. This is the best I have ever done on keeping a New Years Resolution. I am excited to meet my goal!october fitbit numbers 1

As you can see I had 358,882 steps, but my goal was 310,000.

Looking good! I am so pumped.

As for weight loss, I lost almost 4 lbs in the month. That is ALWAYS welcome. (Sadly, I am about the same weight now – I need to get back on it.)october fitbit numbers 2

Additionally, I have tracked all my food since May and I have not had to pay $5 yet.

That is my update for now Smile (I am writing this on December 11 and I hope the January update will show a weight loss!)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

October Cinco

We snuck out first thing on day 2 at Fuds to take our Cinco photo!



Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Monday, December 29, 2014

Fudpuckers Volleyball Tournament [Day 2]

Day 2 was a little bit colder than Day 1. We got out there and found out Doug and I’s nets were a bit closer together. 10708624_10152330029745919_4960865990463673951_o

The girls net was RIGHT next to our hotel room. SO awesome. 10668958_10152330029645919_4600536605465863317_o

Sadly, we two games in, but we had a blast. Then we headed to watch the guys play.



The water was so calm and beautiful.IMG_5715

I did get in the water that day. There were NO waves!IMG_5716

I got some photos of DB playing a bit. IMG_5722


IMG_5726 IMG_5727IMG_5732


IMG_5752 IMG_5756IMG_5765


The guys one the first game, but did not make it much past that.


We hung out on the beach for a bit and then headed in for lunch and to watch the Saints Game.10636737_10152330026480919_4563750471003729416_o

The game was pretty pitiful, I watched the volleyball finals. 1974217_10152330030865919_3533216081125476716_o

We went back to the beach for a bit and enjoyed the beautiful day. Later that evening we headed out for pizza with a few friends and had a calm night.

The following day we drove back to Nola. It was a LOT of fun. I will be going to Fuds again.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fudpuckers Volleyball Tournament–Florida [Day 1]

Doug had planned to attend Fuds and play on a all men's team. My plan was to go, sit on the beach and relax as he played.

A month before we headed to Fuds, Jamie asked me to sub on her team. I tried to wiggle my way out of it, but at the end of the day I played on her team. AND if I am being completely  honest, I had a blast.

We arrived in Destin on a Friday night (October 3) after a dinner stop at The Shed in Mississippi with John and Mary. We checked into our room which just happened to be on the 1st floor facing the ocean. It was so incredibly convenient.


On Saturday morning, we got up and walked out to the beach. I want to get this room every time we go! Doug and I split up and we headed to our nets to play. The first day was pool play. IMG_5595

I found my “balls” team. There is a girls balls team and a boys balls team. As a sub, I just wore the shirt I was given…it just happened to be “blue” on the front and “balls” on the back.

Here are all the female balls:


Here is the players on the girls balls team:10346536_10101137206236860_5070923756657136880_n1888900_10152330024350919_5744400257649571189_o

Let the games begin!




We actually won the net!



Here is Jamie watching me be her…




Get it Shelly!


After playing all day, we went to hang out at the tent near the guys net. IMG_5695

Funny story. Toby was enjoying his chair very much, but all of a sudden the chair decided it was spent…IMG_5696

and it collapsed. Toby did not move when it broke. I actually think he stayed in the broken chair for at least an hour. IMG_5698

Doug’s team did pretty well too…IMG_5699

That night we headed to Hooters (shoot me), watched the LSU game and enjoyed the company WAY more than the food.

The next day was the final tournament. Until tomorrow!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Brandon + Stephanie = HITCHED!! Part 2

The wedding reception was a blast!2014-09-20-19-26-29_IMG_5482

Here are some of the details!2014-09-20-17-28-23_IMG_5449


The first dance….I just LOVE this photo. 2014-09-20-17-51-59_IMG_5451

How cute are they?!2014-09-20-17-52-31_IMG_5458

Then I took this dramatic photo!


love it!


Parent Dances:

2014-09-20-17-57-50_IMG_5475 2014-09-20-17-59-34_IMG_5479

Brandon might have done the worm:

The worm!

We had such a blast!



We also had some fun in the “photo booth”






This is a throwback from my wedding…



2014-09-20-20-06-50_IMG_5506 2014-09-20-20-07-12_IMG_55072014-09-20-20-08-03_IMG_5511

I think we were dancing?…


maybe some backing it up….2014-09-20-20-10-23_IMG_5520

Good times with good people….




Sadly it was the time for the second line (see, that means the party is ending from those not from Nola)…


2014-09-20-20-23-30_IMG_5545 2014-09-20-20-23-31_IMG_55462014-09-20-20-23-51_IMG_5548






2014-09-20-20-25-38_IMG_5565   2014-09-20-20-25-39_IMG_5567

Tell me he was not having fun… Smile2014-09-20-20-25-38_IMG_5566


They escaped on an elevator and I got the last parting shots!2014-09-20-20-27-43_IMG_5580



The last one is my favorite! Check you later Brandon!

Congrats again you two. Love you both!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie