Monday, February 24, 2014

Doug and Shawn go to a Sausage making class….

Shawn, Doug’s BFF (well, one of), asked if we would be interested in going to a Sausage making class. I declined, but Doug was all for it.

All I know is that he came one one night with sausage that was pretty delicious and a few days this story popped up on
doug sausage
As I looked through the pictures, I found Doug and Shawn were in quite a few of them…13557599-standard
Kris Doll making sausageKris Doll making sausage

The only question I had for doug is why he kept his book sack on the entire class??  My beloved is so odd.

My next question for doug is when will he make more sausage for us to consume?

Love and Hugs, Lizzie


  1. only question.. then the next question.. this is why we have such trouble communicating!!

    1) I happen to like the backpack, plus there was no real good place to store it other than on the floor. Of a butcher shop. Not that it didn't look clean. But it was probably recently that blood was spilled all over that floor.

    2) I can make some whenever. Next time we smoke a shoulder, I can pull off the fat cap and grind some of the meat up for sausage. I'm really intrigued by the boudin recipe in that article.

  2. I love that DB replies to the blog, with two bullet points, no less. Also, LP....who calls it a "book sack?" You're such an old soul. Love it.