Monday, October 31, 2016

Twins–Week 11–June 2016

Twinning highlights:

We found paci’s they like! THANK GOD! After trying all these….


here is the winner!


Sweet Hazel and Emma.


Then everyone is in a fight.


Swim party at Ms. Gay and Mr. David’s house. I loved seeing all these kids!

2016-06-08-20-22-41_IMG_9037 (2)2016-06-08-20-43-28_IMG_4690

That weekend Doug and I went blueberry picking.


This was our first “away” trip from the girls for fun. We skipped a feeding while Poppi and Ms. Yvette watched the girls. I really appreciate them watching the girls while we were gone. I really was not as gracious as I should have been. I went all naïve “new mom” on them. I was not my best self and this is one of the regrets I have. Here is my public apology and my public display of thanks for their time.


More fun from the week includes Emma’s first time with her feet in the grass. (I still need to do this with Hazel. oops!) Also, Emma’s first experience with the lawnmower.



We also took the girls to church for the first time! They slept through most of it until someone had a blow out diaper!


Out with the girls (HUGE HURDLE for me) at a new mom class.


And they made 11 weeks!


Love and Hugs, Lizzie/Mommy

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