Sunday, June 5, 2011

FOCCUS Test Scores–“It is not a test”

Friends and Family….I am happy to report we scored above average on our FOCCUS test. Now, with that said, they may be completely wrong giving us that score as you will read later.

How this test works:
Both people answer the same set of questions with either A (Agree), B (Disagree) or C (Unsure). They take your scantrons and run them through a machine. Then a printout and your score pops out! You get your results and go over what you answered “correctly” and what you answered “incorrectly”. Your results tell you the preferred answer and shows you answered the question “incorrectly” even if you both answered the question the same.

So, I retrieved the results from Father Harry on Tuesday and brought them to review with the Doug. As we started going through the “Areas of Disagreement” it became apparent that I cannot read. For example, “we seldom differ”, “we seldom disagree about appropriate behavior” and “I think I will feel uncomfortable” are phrases my little brain has trouble with when paired with more negative/positive words behind them. All in all, I marked 3 of the questions different than what I meant to mark. Doug then proceeds to say we need to check the whole test just in case I read the other ones wrong….he has a point Smile

Funny discussion points:
1. The test says: There are certain behaviors or habits in my future spouse which sometimes annoy me. Doug said Agree. I said Agree. The test says that is not the preferred answer. Personally, I think agreeing is the preferred answer…. Doug and I had a good laugh about this one.

2. “Drinking and using drugs causes my future spouse to act inappropriately” I said Disagree. Doug said Unsure!!!!! I said, “WHAT? Why did you answer this like that??” Doug says, “Well, I have never seen you do drugs so I am not sure how you will act…” Only DB, only DB.

3. “Sometimes my future spouse feels that I do not listen to him/her.” We both agreed, but alas, that is not the preferred answer….pretty funny though.

4. “I am concerned that my future spouse sometimes spends money foolishly.” Ohhh DB. I said disagree. Doug said unsure. Ohhh DB. Smile So, I asked him why again….he says, that he has never looked at my budget/balance sheet and was not sure. (This makes me smile as I introduced him to Dave Ramsey, budgeting and debt snowballing. I do not spend money unless I have it budgeted or an envelope fund for it. I think my clothing/shoe purchases are what scares him….hehe.) Ohhhh db. Smile

Overall, we scored really well even with my inability to read and process words. I would say we got an A if you use college scoring and add back the ones I marked incorrectly. Father Harry said we could get married. yay!

P.S. I just learned this: FOCCUS test stands for Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding & Study. Just in case you were curious.


  1. Important note -- I told Lizzie that on item number 2 she should have answered "agree." She's personally seen me yell "nipples" at the top of my lungs in a football stadium while inebriated. I can also attest to other times I've acted inappropriately under the influence.

    "This all comes down to your definition of 'inappropriate,'" she says.

    Also, on item 4, she should have agreed as well. I spend entirely too much money on ice cream. It's quite foolish as I would probably be in much better shape without all the added fat and calories...

  2. NIPPLES!!!! I am proud to say I was there with you in that stadium, too. It will always be my fondest memory of you, DB. :)

  3. Oh yea, DB. You are soooo out of shape.