Saturday, May 28, 2011

Compatibility test

Today, Lizzie and I got up at the crack of 7 to go out to meet Father Harry for our compatibility exam. The 150 question psychological battery took about 40 minutes and after talking with Lizzie, I am pretty sure I got all the questions right and Lizzie got about 20% of the questions wrong.

I'm kidding, Lizzie, put the knife down.

Seriously, though, if you're married, you probably have seen a similar premarital questionnaire. If you aren't, it's similar to those quizzes in the teenage girlie magazines. Except the questions aren't so much about zodiac signs and whether you caught him looking at you in science class. More like whether you think you both agree on budgeting strategies and how often to hanky panky.

Before you ask, yes I read Seventeen. I am thinking about renewing my subscription.

The whole test was done on a scantron form, so it seemed a lot more like a test than perhaps it was supposed to.

I do think I may have overanalyzed some of the questions a bit though. The one that asked whether I agreed or disagreed that Lizzie acts inappropriately when under the influence of drugs or alcohol I answered "uncertain."

I have only seen her drink once or twice. While neither of those times did she act inappropriately,  I feel the sample size isn't large enough to make an informed decision. Lizzie was upset because she thinks this makes her sound like a lush.

We should have the results Tuesday.


  1. I pulled out our results a few weeks ago...the results that Father Harry said were the worst he's ever seen. Here's hoping you guys can be even worse than us!

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