Monday, November 7, 2011

#1 vs. #2 (spoiler alert–it ends in our favor…)

So there was this LSU game this past weekend that most people had no idea was happening. It was a little, tiny, very small amount of hype involved kind of football game.

I decided to watch the game at a dear friend’s house. He is known for his awesome football parties and intense style of watching/yelling at the game. I arrived at Scott’s house around 6 pm to find a sizeable group ready to stop watching game day and to start watching the actual game.

I did a terrible job taking pictures as the game was so freaking intense. I had a wonderful time hanging out with Ryan and his new wife, Cat, but did not take one freaking picture them. Lame-o.

Once the game was over and LSU had won in overtime the party was moved to the Balcony Bar. I hung with Scott and Stephan until Scott passed out (as he had been drinking since 9 am). THEN I decided to break out my camera and take the only 2 pictures I took all night. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:


It was a fun/intense game. I mainly have my voice back today. :)

I got home that night and hung out with Doug and Ashley for a bit. Ashley had watched the game at home as she was not feeling well and Doug had skipped the game to do homework for his Stanford course.

Geaux Tigahs! What an intense game.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Nice pics of drunk Scott, and I love your skirt! Sorry we missed seeing you there. GEAUX TIGERS!!!