Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sabrina’s Pig Roast!

One of my bridesmaid’s, Sabrina, lives in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. We met while at LSU and she loves our LSU Tigers. A month or two ago she decided to fly in for the LSU v. Alabama game. She flew 15 hours from Abu Dhabi to Chicago and then Chicago to Nola. She arrived Friday night at 10 pm, stayed up until 2 am, got up Saturday at 6 am (with her brother, Robert) and drove to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to watch the game.

If you live anywhere near Louisiana you know the Tigers won (making her trip worth the money and flights) and she got to see it in person! She and Robert drove home Sunday, rested for a bit and then headed over to a BBQ thrown in her honor.

Her main request was to have PIG. She has not had pig in months…at least not really. She can find bacon, but it is super expensive so Doug smoked a pork shoulder and Donnie made ribs. We all ate like kings (and queens). We had potato salad (from Brandon which had BACON in it..yummm), famous macaroni and cheese (Sabrina’s recipe with Sarah’s twist), Shelby’s (grandmother’s recipe for) red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing, Amber’s cookie cake, and Ashley’s gluten free chocolate chip cookies.

Ashley was a wonderful hostess!!


I also had a crazy idea to have a fire pit so we could make smores! Of course, Donnie pulled a fire pit out of his ass/workshop and produced a fire pit in 20 minutes. That guy has access to everything!


Then Sabrina gave picked names from a hat to give away some Abu Dhabi door prizes!


Here is everyone who won a door prize! (creepy doug…creepy…)IMG_4582IMG_4585IMG_4587IMG_4588IMG_4589IMG_4591IMG_4592

Sabrina hung in there like a trooper even though this is what she felt like doing:



Even flat Andrew made an appearance:


It is wonderful having her in town. We miss her very much when she is away. :)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Oh my god, Sabrina, you look awesome! So good to see your face again....sorry we missed the party. GEAUX TIGERS!!!