Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday–ONE day until I get to marry Doug!

Oh man, I am one lucky lady.



Tomorrow at 7 pm, I will be married!! To the best guy ever – my DB!

Last night included some fun, today will be lots of visiting and prep work and tomorrow is the big day. I just know this weekend is going to pass by in a blur! I need everyone to take a million pictures so I can keep them all as memories.

To celebrate being only one day away from Mrs. Douglas Brown, I will share with the ONE thing that almost stopped our marriage plans. The ONE thing is kind of a big deal…actually, it is a very big deal. It all happened on a few days ago and I was such drama. The wedding was almost called off!! (well, sort of…)

We almost were not able to get married on Saturday because of…. (adding epic drama…….)……………………………………the marriage license.

I have been told/heard that you have to get the marriage license within a certain window of the wedding. Everyone always talks about this 72 hour rule. I have been hearing 72 hours, 72 hours, 72 hours for over a year now. I never actually discussed or researched this data because I always heard people say 72 hours. SO, I ASSUMED you had to get it WITHIN 72 hours of the wedding. Dumb, I know. I have been waiting to get within 72 hours of the wedding to go get the license.

Here goes the dramatic story: I called to confirm details with Immaculate Conception and Ms. Julie (the official Church event planner) asks me if I have my license yet. I tell her, “No. I am going to get it within 72 hours.” Then she enlightens me to the fact it must be outside of 72 hours and I need to go RIGHT NOW to get it taken care of. Great.

Now I must find out what documents I need to get a marriage license…and fast. I find a (non)fancy wedding website that tells me there is a Passport and Marriage License office in Harahan at the Joe Yenni Building. Perfect.

Then I read what documents I need to get it…I need both birth certificates and social security numbers. The social security numbers I have, but I seem to be missing my birth certificate. I have Doug’s birth certificate, but where is mine? Then it dawns on me…I am the slacker that never got it from Mom and Dad! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!

So I think, “well, maybe they will give me a license as I do have my passport and you have to have your birth certificate to get a passport….? right?” I grab all the documentation and head to the Joe Yenni Building.

When I arrived at the building, I was greeted by two sheriffs and a scanner/metal detector. I usually do not carry fire arms and this day was no different, so no worries…I put my bag through the scanner, pick it up on the other side and confirmed the correct floor with the nice gentlemen. I then head upstairs to find room 603 – Passport and Marriage License.

The very thorough employee tells the copy of my license will not suffice. I tried to beg my case that I brought my passport (which all of a sudden seems to be missing) and thought it might be enough as you need your birth certificate to get a passport, but she would hear nothing of it. I smiled and left the office thinking at least I tried. I get out of the office and dig through my bag again….still no passport. Now I am just confused. I was sure I placed it in my bag, but maybe I left it on the kitchen table where I placed it briefly before I left. The odd things was that I still had Doug’s passport, but not mine… Oh well! Moving on.

I put a call into the parentals and they saved the day again. They decided to drive in to hand deliver the said document to me that afternoon. (See, I told you they rock!) Later that day as I wrap up work, I get a phone call from Dad. He says, “Hey, where is your passport?” I should have known it was a set up, but I stupidly said, “On my kitchen table… I hope. Why?” He says, “It is at the Joe Yenni building. They just called me.” Noooooooooo! How? I was sure I did not leave it in the passport/marriage office.

Evidently when I placed my bag in the scanner it fell out! Luckily I had filled out the emergency contact section. They found it in the scanner and brought it up to the passport/marriage license office (because, duh, that is where passports belong) and called my dad to let him know. Awesome. So then I had to go back to the office and face the no-nonsense lady who denied me a marriage license once already that day. (She is actually very nice- just no-nonsense.) I made the trek once more to the Joe Yenni building and retrieved my passport.

Later that day, my parents arrived with my birth certificate and visited with me for a bit. The following morning I arrived at room 603 and presented all the correct materials to get a marriage license. Success. (I did leave my passport at home this time.) Talk about making life exciting. The license is valid after May 4 at 9:34 am. That was a close one.

And now you know why we almost did not get married this weekend! Sheesh. I hope this knowledge helps at least one person for the future.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

P.S. Just in case you ever need to know: Marriage licenses in Louisiana are valid after 72 hours and for 30 days.

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  1. Wow, what a story! Glad everything worked out for you friend. :) Last night was so much fun....can't wait for today and tomorrow!