Friday, May 25, 2012

Getting back into the Blog…and a favor from you!

I have been asked by many people when and if I would start the blog back up. The answer is YES I would blog again, but I was not sure of when!Mainly, because I have no idea where to start with the awesomeness of the wedding. Also because we were moving things all around and were kinda busy. We are finally almost settled in The Shack. Yay!

So, to update you…it will start back up now. :)

To answer some of your other questions.
Yes, I knew Doug had “April Fools” on the bottom of his shoes :)

photo (1) (1)
No, I do not have the professional wedding photos back yet, but they should be here in the next month.

No, I do not have the video back yet, but you can watch this one over and over: (This was played at the end of the reception at 10:30 pm! ) LOVE THIS!

Yes, we will have a big viewing party to entertain you one last time with liquor, candy and a video. (All items left from the wedding.)

No, I am not sure where the viewing party will be…I have had 3 people offer to have it at their houses!!! Man, people love us.

Now to ask a favor of you! I have not asked any of the blog readers for a a favor before so you know it must be important. :) I want to put together a story book for Doug and I to keep forever. If you were able to come to the wedding, can you please write me a story about our wedding day? Can you please tell me what you saw, felt, expected, experienced, noticed, any funny stories and anything else you want to share? I would LOVE to have them all for June 1 so I can start compiling the story book. I MIGHT share some of them on the blog, but I won’t if you ask me not to.

So here is your assignment if you are willing to accept it:
E-mail me your story from our wedding by June 1.

And I will continue to update you with my fun, silly, awesome life with my wonderful husband, Doug!

Love and Hugs,

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