Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hospitalized Again…..Dec 31, 2015

At the end of December, I went in for my weekly exam. I had been on bed rest since December 3 and was moving right along.

We got there and Dr. P saw an issue during my ultrasound. My cervix was opening to the stitch every 30 seconds. EVERY 30 SECONDS. She told me I was not leaving and was being sent to Labor and Delivery. She checked and my waters were not breaking through, but she wanted to stop the “irritibility”.

I was admitted around 1 pm and have no left the hospital since then. They sent me to Labor and Delivery and put me on Mag (the worst), but it was not making a huge impact so after a day they swapped me to a different drug.

We made the best of it. Sarah, Sabrina, and Amber visited before going to dinner. My entire family (sans the Boston kids) were there and we did out best to make it fun while I was on a terrible med.


Everyone headed out around 10:30 pm to let me rest. I was not awake for midnight, but did wake up at 12:30 with some terrible side effects. Happy New Year. Ha. 2016-01-01-17-42-39_IMG_3304

The next day my exam showed no changes internally which was good news. I was put on a new med, but then started getting fluid in my lungs a day or two later. Then I was put on lasix. Oh man. Thank God for Doug and my family. I really could not have done this without such support or love. 2016-01-02-14-32-38_IMG_3305

As the days went on my meds (injections) changed daily depending on contractoins. I was being monitored every moment except when I went to the ladies room. I made the best of it. 2016-01-02-14-32-55_IMG_3307


After 5 days of being in L&D, I was moved to the floor. My new room had 2 beds in it and we brought in so much gear! I was getting the shots 3 times a day (6 am, 2 pm and 10 pm) and being monitored 3 times a day after the shot for 45 minutes. 2016-01-05-00-00-00_IMG_3317

I moved to the new room on January 5 and have been in the same room as you read this post (February 12). It has been a long road with many touch and go moments. Again, my family and friends have been amazing.

At first, we wanted someone with me 24/7, but as I stablized we just make sure there is a “Lizzie sitter” with me when I get my injections. The injections make my heart race and it makes me feel kinda bad. All my family and friends have stepped up to babysit me around the clock.

I have had some amazing support:

Some of my first visitors in my new room were Jamie and Shawn. She decorated my whole room!2016-01-05-19-07-19_IMG_3312

This came from Doug’s work!2016-01-05-20-28-37_IMG_3314

My view of dawn:2016-01-06-06-47-29_IMG_3316

Lizzie sitting in full action:


This is me and the brownies being monitored…2016-01-08-22-51-21_IMG_3320

When I was moved to my room on Jan 5 I was 25 weeks along. We all really wanted to get me to 28 weeks. That was a big goal for the brownies. We needed them to get big and older.

January ended up being a pretty exciting month. More to come.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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