Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hospital Visit by the Sirens! (January 2016)

While in the hospital I was visited by an amazing group of women. I knew I was being visited by Erin, but when she walked in I did not expect the parade that followed her! They just keep walking in the door. It was so amazing. I loved every second!


They brought beads, a muses shoe, a decorated mermaid bottle, dancing and fun. I can only imagine the scene they made in the hallway with those short skirts and corset tops!


I was so surprised! Thank you to Cynthia for taking these photos!2016-01-09-12-37-49_IMG_3330

Check out these hotties!2016-01-09-12-37-54_IMG_3331

Thank you ladies for coming to visit me!2016-01-09-12-39-05_IMG_3335

Even the nurses came in to check out my krewe!2016-01-09-12-39-45_IMG_33362016-01-09-13-06-42_IMG_3337

It was a wonderful day full of surprises. They stayed a while and visited.

I am one blessed kid!

Thank you Sirens for your visit! It made my week/month!

Love and hugs, Lizzie

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