Saturday, April 2, 2016

My Birthday weekend!

As usual, we made the best of living in a hospital! It was my birthday and we had a blast.


Doug delivered the gifts from him and his family on the 5th (with the Fro-yo and Izzos). They were so sweet and did not have to do so much!


Thank you so much Doug, DJ, Steve, Jenni, Craig, Tom and BG! You guys are really too sweet! You did not have to send all that!

The following day Doug made traditional birthday breakfast – Coffee Cake!Doug and Chandra sang happy birthday and I blew out my candles. We had our doctors appt around 11 am and all was well. I got all dressed up and headed downstairs for a birthday party in the conference room. I think close to 60 people stopped by during the “open” house party.


Sarah had a cot brought down so I could lay and visit with all my amazing friends and family. (Thank you Sarah for this and for the million other things you made happen!)


After the party we headed up and I opened gifts from my family. Thank you Mom, Dad, Ashley, Andrew, Alex and Janice! You guys are too awesome!

Here is the only photo I have of me opening gifts from them!


I can say I slept well that night! I was exhausted. Open-mouthed smile So much being social. I also did not have a bunch of contractions. The party did not put me in labor so it was a win-win!

Thank you again to everyone who made it happen. I had a great birthday!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. A blasting birthday evening! Thanks a lot for sharing these photos my friend. I am turning 30 soon and planning to host a grand celebration party at a local party venue NYC. Thinking to engage a planner for arrangements.