Sunday, April 3, 2016

Released from the hospital! 74 days.

The week after my birthday we tried weaning me off the drugs for the second time. I did not have high hopes. The first time did not go so well. We went slower this time and were successful!

I was so excited, but being cautiously optimistic. I was concerned I would get home and only be there for a day or two have have to go back. I tried to keep my excitement tempered.

We had a doctors appointment the morning of March 13 (my 35th week of being preggers). If all went well, she planned to release me. Lucky 13!

The exam went well – meaning things looked no worse and she said I could go home. We were so excited! Doug packed up the room.


He took a load or two out to the car while I enjoyed my last hospital meal. 2016-03-13-11-59-59_IMG_38342016-03-13-12-17-43_IMG_3838

Doug took all the things off the wall, packed up all my clothes, flowers, etc. 2016-03-13-12-17-47_IMG_38392016-03-13-12-17-50_IMG_3840

Then finally I was discharged!

Ms. Toni got me a wheel chair and after 74 days in the hospital I was loaded into a car and taken to my brand new house. 2016-03-13-13-18-37_IMG_38412016-03-13-13-23-13_IMG_3844

Doug drove me away! It was so amazing and freeing!2016-03-13-13-30-21_IMG_3845

Finally home! Here I am at the front door!


I took it super easy that day. I just cuddled with my cats and enjoyed being at home. No shots. No monitors. No knocks on the door. Just Lizzie and Doug.

It was so great. I cannot explain how great it was. 74 days in one hospital room with a few outings outside and downstairs. 74 days.

Was it necessary? Yes. Was it for a good cause? Yes! Was it worth it? Of course. Did it suck sometimes? Yes, but rarely. I missed living with Doug.

My new goal was to not push myself so I could be home for the last few weeks with Doug. This would be the last time we would be without kids. I wanted to soak it up.

Next up: HOME LIFE! (still on bedrest, but so much better.)

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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