Wednesday, July 6, 2016

March 28, 2016

We woke up on the morning of March 28, 2016 and headed to our regularly scheduled doctors appointment. I felt very large and swollen. My legs were more and more swollen.

We met with Dr. Pridjian and things looked ok. My blood pressure was still good, but my urine had some protein in it. Not a terrible thing, but not great either. They sent me home (after collecting blood) with a jug to collect urine over the next 24 hours. Dr. P was not taking any chances on me. She had gotten me this far!

We went home and Doug got ready to go to work. I was resting on the couch (all I was allowed to do anyway) and as he was about to leave I asked him to work from home as I was starting to feel a bit short of breath. We observed me for about 20 minutes and it was not getting better. I did not like being winded by just sitting on the sofa. I called the office and Dr. P said I had to head to the Emergency Room, get admitted to Labor and Delivery and await her directions. Oh man… got real.

I ran around grabbing all the things on my list for the hospital in case we had the twins that day. Who knew? Just in case!


We headed to Tulane Lakeside and went into the ER with our bags. We were admitted and headed up to L&D. They did the usual blood taking, putting in the IV, etc.

After being there about an hour, I got a call from Dr. P and she said my platelets were a bit elevated and with the combo of the protein in my urine and shortness of breath she said she was taking them that evening. THAT EVENING! She scheduled the surgery for 8 pm. Oh man. It got super real at that moment.


I called my family and Doug called his. I texted all the people on the “list” and we started getting ready. My family started arriving and we got to hang out before the twin debut.

We had a few hours to kill before 8 pm so I got as ready as I could. I did my makeup (duh! all the photos!) and hung out with my family.


We ran the last NSTs. I had become an expert at running NSTs after doing them 3 times a day for 74 days while hospitalized.


Finally, it was time!


Everyone gave me encouraging words and I headed out to the OR!


Sadly, it took a long time to get my spinal in. My family waited and waited. Here is Doug waiting.


Once they got my spinal in and the the incision made, they let Doug in the OR. I remember the surgery very well. After the surgery, my memory is hazy so I am glad Angelle was there to capture all the special moments.

I remember lots of tugging and saying, “that is uncomfortable”. Ha! Just uncomfortable! Drugs are wonderful.

Another fun moment was when Doug finally joined us in the OR and they were just starting the surgery, I said to Doug, “It’s two girls.” Who know why I said that, but I did!


A few minutes into the surgery, I was still complaining about “tugging” and Doug stood up and watched the surgery.

Pretty sure he was glad all I could feel was tugging after seeing what was really happening.

Then they pulled out a baby! And said, “It’s a girl!”


Then a minute later, they said, “It’s another girl!”

Doug got to watch them take the girls out of me! He was so excited to watch.


The girls were born one minute apart. I heard the first baby cry and I said, “that is Emma.” Doug said OK. ha.


Then I heard the second baby cry and that was my Hazel. I was so excited to see them. Doug got to go see them first.


Then they finally brought them to me!


I remember being in awe of them. The were crying on and off. It was amazing.2016-03-28_BrownTwins_080

Our little family just doubled!2016-03-28_BrownTwins_0812016-03-28_BrownTwins_086

Dear World! Meet Emma and Hazel!


Next up! Doug tells the family!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. Loved reading your own words about the story of that night!

  2. How beautiful! I most definitely am going to try to print this off for the girls' journals that I am making. All four of you are so very special! xoxox

  3. I am sitting here at work with tears rolling down my face as I read this!!
    Thinking of you always!!
    your fav PP RN :)

  4. I'm so far behind on blogs that I just read this! I love you guys, this is so sweet! ~Jackie