Friday, November 4, 2016

The twins turn 13 weeks (June 2016)

My notes from 13 weeks:

Hazel starting blowing raspberries
They officially noticed each other and started talking to each other.
Emma started looking towards sounds.
Then Hazel did too!
Both were “talking” and making noises.


Poppi helped us so much. I do not have as many photos of her helping as I should, but she made a huge difference. Thank you again Poppi! We all love you so much.


This was their last week in swaddles, but I do remember them stretching every time we let them “loose”.


her faces!


We celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day that week!2016-06-26-09-56-57_IMG_0008

The girls gave daddy a book with some writing in it!2016-06-26-09-58-29_IMG_0021

The girls also gave me a book with a note (and some butt prints).2016-06-26-10-00-40_IMG_00242016-06-26-10-00-45_IMG_0028

Our life….


This was the start of the baby wearing. EMMA LOVED IT.2016-06-26-13-25-16_IMG_00562016-06-26-13-25-27_IMG_00582016-06-26-14-27-10_IMG_00622016-06-26-14-27-41_IMG_00652016-06-26-16-52-27_IMG_00762016-06-26-16-52-54_IMG_00782016-06-26-16-56-41_IMG_0087

And then they were 13 weeks old!


Love and Hugs, Lizzie/Mommy

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