Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The twins turn 15 weeks! (July 2016)

My sweet girls just grew so fast! Here are the highlights from their 15th week of life.

Uncle Neil (from Peyroux’s Custom Curtains) came by with their new bed dressing! Here they are being installed.


The girls napped out in the living room while their new beds went in. Thank you Poppi for helping me!


You know Poppi was here because the swaddle was undone. Open-mouthed smile Poppi hated the swaddles so much,  but she put up with it for us. Anyway, here is the final product!


They are so fancy! The girls love them! Thank you Uncle Neil!


During this week, Hazel was still sleeping on the boppie and Emma had mastered sleeping flat!

This week was also Doug’s birthday so we did some celebrating.2016-07-07-12-26-02_IMG_50132016-07-07-22-00-29_IMG_5016

I delivered ice cream to him on his birthday and we ate at R’evoultion one night.

Happy late Birthday Doug!!


Emma is an addict for the front pack and we started swaddling with one arm out.


Daddy put together the stroller! and Hazel chilled in her new chair.


Daddy and his girls.


Then Daddy helped me at TJ Maxx. He was so excited.


Some cuties!


Thank you Laurie for the adorable outfits!

And just like that, they turned 15 weeks!


Mood swings….2016-07-11-14-12-37_IMG_0296

Love and hugs, Lizzie/Mommy

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