Thursday, October 20, 2011

Special Visitor in town…

Last weekend a dear friend came to visit! Aidan was in town for a marathon eating event (aka bachelor party) and spent the night with us Sunday night.

I picked him up on Sunday night from the JW Marriott (so random!)and brought him back to Ashley’s place as he was sleeping in Doug’s room for the night.

We stayed up visiting and chatting until late. It was so great seeing him and hearing about Angela and their new baby girl! We even got to see videos of her..she is so stinking cute. I also accused Aidan of being a genetic hog as the baby looks JUST like him.

The trip was made even better because Doug and Aidan finally met! They were fast friends, of course, as they bonded over nerdy topics and words I did not understand. :)

Thanks for coming to visit Aidan! HUGS! Next time you come with Angela we will go eat bread pudding at The Pelican Club!


Love and hugs, Lizzie

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