Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Groomsmen–Volume 1–Tom

When I decided to make picture books for all the girls, Doug decided he wanted to do something special for the guys. He decided he wanted to buy them a present to ask them, but he did not want to tell me what it was before he ordered it as he thought I would veto the idea.

I finally persuaded him to tell me what he wanted to buy…luchador masks. My first reaction was to laugh. I actually thought it was a great gift and I think he was a little excited I did not shoot it down.

Some of you might be wondering what a luchador mask is…if you are curious it is a Mexican wrestling mask. He, of course, wanted something related to Cinco de Mayo and has been threatening me for months to wear one as I come down the isle to marry him.

He found some masks he liked online and ordered one for each groomsmen. Then we had to wait for them to arrive and ask the boys.

The first victim was Tom. Tom is Doug’s (awesome) step brother that lives in Tennessee. We either had to wait until Thanksgiving or send him a package. Doug decided to send him a package stuffed with Zapps, the mask and a letter asking Tom to be a groomsmen.

A few days after he sent the package, I got an email from Doug that said, “Tom said yes :)” with this photo:


I am so excited Tom agreed to be in the wedding! I always enjoy spending time with him. Yay!

Love and hugs!! Lizzie

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