Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

We had some fun this past weekend getting dressed up, going out and playing some hula ball!

After much discussion, I dressed as an Angry Bird (the red one) on Friday night as we had a girls night out the Quarter. Amanda, Janessa, Sarah and I primped and headed out around 10 pm to see what what we could see. As you can see we had Cat Woman, an Angry Bird, a ladybug and the Queen of Hearts. We did not mean to color coordinate, but we all ended up in black and red.

IMG_4496IMG_4499 - Copy

We started at Arnaud’s to say hello. Then we went to BBC, split up for a bit and met back at The Gold Mine. There were lots of great costumes to be seen/gawked over. Some people were totally covered while others were scantily clad.  We also got to see Ryan and Dustin out and about!

IMG_4502 - Copy

IMG_4503 - CopyIMG_4508 - Copy

We danced the night away at The Gold Mine. We did also meet Captain America out and about as you can see below. We had such a great time!

IMG_4511 - CopyIMG_4516 - CopyIMG_4519 - CopyIMG_4523 - Copy

Mad props to Doug who dropped us off around 11 and picked us up around 2:30. He rocks!

The following day we played in our semiannual Hula Ball Tournament. Doug and I played terrible and NEITHER of us ended up in the finals this year. So sad, but congrats to Keegan. Jerk. He won the whole tournament for the second time.

I did not take any photos this year, but will steal some from Courtney and show you later.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Lizzie you hang out with Capt. America! How cool is that?