Monday, January 21, 2013

A care package from Wisconsin arrives….!!!

Ok. I have a confession to make. I LOVE GETTING CARE PACKAGES! When I lived in Orlando and worked for Disney (many moons ago), my family would send me care packages and it made me feel like the most loved, most lucky and coolest kid on earth! All my roommates (all 7 of them) would get so jealous and I opening those boxes was the highlight of everyone’s day. I would, of course, share all the contents…which in hindsight is probably why they got so excited…


Because I send packages to others, I KNOW how much work they are. Packing and shipping care packages is not convenient or fast. It is time consuming and, honestly, a pain in the rear. So when I get one, I appreciate them even more than any normal kid.

With all that said, you can appreciate how excited I get when a box arrives (that is not work related…)!!!!!

Now, I have to introduce you to who sent the package you can appreciate it even more! When I worked in the Magic Kingdom, I met many other CP-ers (College Program Interns) and made some great friends. One of them was this adorable blond named Nicole. Nicole worked with me for over 5 months on Main Street East (Confectionary, Chapeau, …basically all the stores on the right side of Main Street, USA).

Nicole and I became close while working the internship together, but were not the best at keeping in touch. It does not mean we did not love each other…just lazy I guess. ha. Anyway, a few years after our internship we met up in Disneyland with 5 other girls. We had a MSE (Main Street East) reunion in California. Sadly, that was the last time I talked to her, UNTIL she found me on facebook. Since we are friends on the FB, I stalk her often and keep up with her and her adorable family as much as I can.

Here we are in 2005…the whole group and then just Nicole and I…

A few weeks ago, I got this cryptic message that she needed my address and I was to expect a box. I had not actually talked to her in a while and was very curious what she was up to…A week later I found out!!! A CARE PACKAGE!

As soon as the care package arrives, I call her and she explains what she has sent… IMG_1770

Lefse is a potato product that you traditionally eat with butter, cinnamon and sugar. I ate some that night and it was very yummy. Doug put nutella and peanut butter on his.

She also sent authentic Wisconsin Cheese Curds.  She said these are very common and you can judge if they are delicious if they “squeak”. I have no idea if they were squeaky, but they were delicious. She also sent some Colby Cheddar…I LOVED this. Doug made me a grilled cheese and it was the best grilled cheese ever.

Finally, she sent us two each of her favorite beers made in Wisconsin. Doug already had the Fat Squirrel and said it was very good.

Here I am on the phone with her as I opened the care package. As you can tell, Kit was pretty pumped too.  

Nicole, THANK YOU SO MUCH for the care package. I absolutely loved it. It was so sweet of you guys to think of us and actually send it. Love and miss you girl. Let’s talk real soon.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Yay!!!! Love you too!!!! :) This made my whole week... great photos... drink the spotted cow... it is really great beer!