Tuesday, January 29, 2013

O-town continued….Speed Visiting: Round 1

Once the National Sales Meeting was over, I headed to downtown Disney to meet up with some friends for some speed visiting. I had about 2 hours with three different people and I loved it. This blog post is about my first speed visit at 5:30 pm.

Laurel and I met at 5:30 pm at Earl of Sandwich. Laurel was one of the managers from Main Street East during my college program in 2002. She was a fantastic manager and I recently found her again on Facebook. I get to see pictures of her adorable family there whenever I want! :)


We ate and caught each other up on what happened the last 10+ years. She and her family have been in O-town the whole time. She still works for Disney, but in a different capacity. I updated her on graduating from college, meeting Doug, marrying Doug and a few other fun times.

It was so fabulous seeing her…and to tell you the truth, she still looks the exact same. She has not aged a day. Lucky lady!

The other good news is that she is coming to visit me in Nola in a few months! It is on the calendar and I already have a list of things to do for her and her family. I can’t wait!

After (too short of a) dinner, I had to say goodbye. I am so glad we made some time and got together. Such a fun visit. I headed off to the Irish Pub for my second speed visit (and Thursday’s blog).

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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