Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

We had a FABULOUS Christmas this year. It includes an early Christmas with my family and a later Christmas with Doug’s family.

We decided to pretend Christmas was on the Sunday before real Christmas so we had plenty of family time and did not have to rush back to Nola on Christmas day. I hate feeling like I have to leave my family on Christmas day, so we moved it up. On Sunday morning, Dad went to work while Doug, Mom and I cooked lunch.  Alex was very helpful…heh.

 IMG_1559IMG_1556 IMG_1557

I tried to get a picture of DB cooking, but as you can see he was not in the mood. I gave up. 
IMG_1562 IMG_1560 IMG_1563

We started opening Christmas presents at 10 am. Alex went first:
IMG_1582 IMG_1583
Fun side note…the night before Alex went out with friends and we have him trouble as it was OUR Christmas Eve. So while he was gone, we sorted through all the presents and hid his in the dining room. We left him one box that we filled with wrapping paper trash. So the next morning when Dad and I were handing out all the gifts, Alex only had one box in front of him. Once he opened it and had a good laugh, we gave him all his actual presents. We think we are so funny. :)

Ashley was up next:

Then it was Andrew’s turn, but I think this was is favorite present…haha
That is just what I am telling myself because I bought it…


I was next …

Side Note:
May I just say that google wish lists is awesome. I made a google wish list for the first time this year and I will never go back. It was great because I made my list a month or two before Christmas so by the time Christmas came around, I had completely forgotten what was on it making everything a surprise that I really wanted! (man, that was a long sentence…but stick with me…) I am now obsessed with keeping it stocked for birthdays, etc.

IMG_1632 IMG_1600 

Then we were SO hungry we had to take a break to eat. We ate a fabulous lunch and got back to it...and it was Doug’s turn.

Then it was Mom’s turn…


Finally, Dad…

IMG_1658 IMG_1661

I think we ate again and played with all of our toys. It was an awesome Christmas.

A few days later, on Boxing Day, we had a Google Hangout with Doug’s whole family to see them all open their Christmas presents. It was so much fun! We opened our presents from DJ, Steve, Jenni, Craig, Tom, Libby and Bailey Grace. Technology is amazing! We loved it and it will become our new tradition for sure. Sadly, I did not take any photos during our date, but I think Jenni did. I will have to get those from her.

Overall, we left the Christmas events feeling loved and blessed (as usual). We do not take our wonderful families for granted one bit. We love them and can feel their love. Happy Birthday Jesus! Thank you for giving us the best gift you could…Love!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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