Thursday, December 17, 2015

Annual Family Photos–October 2015

We took our family photos at the beach while we were out there for the Fud’s volleyball tournament.

Kristin Guin took them for us. She did a great job!


It happened to be the 5th of October so we brought Cinco!LB-FAM_18LB-FAM_20LB-FAM_21LB-FAM_24


The outsiders got their photo – of course:LB-FAM_32

Mom wanted a photo of her pointing at my preggers tummy! Open-mouthed smileLB-FAM_33LB-FAM_35

We redid the Janice sad out of the photo picture again. LB-FAM_36

I like out Doug turned his back. ha.




Thank you Kristin! They came out fabulous Smile

Next year should be interesting with the twins! eek!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie0

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