Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Farm Weekend! Nov 2015

Doug and I headed to THE FARM! Doug and I had not been in years and it was a Thanksgiving weekend tradition. Since we were in town this Thanskgiving we headed out there to spend the night.

We arrived Friday during the day just in time for lunch. Hot dogs and sausage cooked over the fire was just perfect. When we got there it was pretty full of people. Most had just come up for the day. We were in for a one night stay.

There was an official hay ride that afternoon, but Doug and I skipped the ride. The trailer was pretty full so we just relaxed.

When everyone got back we prepped for dinner and tents were set up. I was sleeping in the building on site while Doug had planned to sleep on the dock. He is nuts.

We had delicious chili for dinner (farm tradition made my Courts and Kenny) and blueberry cobbler for dessert. There were also some smores made and eaten It was so fun.

Adam brought a screen and projector and the kids watched Minions and The Lego Movie. It was an amazing set up and we all loved it.

When it was time for bed, I headed to the main house and Doug set up his blankets on the dock. He slept on the pond. So nuts. Open-mouthed smile

The next morning we had eggs, bacon, and pancakes over the fire. They really do it right! It was delicious. We started the clean up process and decided to bring the tractor back to the barn. There was another mini hayride so Doug and I went on this one.




Doug drove the second tractor with Riley as his co-pilot!


We headed back to the barn…IMG_3128

We traded co-pilots during a quick stop.IMG_3134

Then we hung out with the cows and jumped around on the hay.IMG_3137IMG_3139

After our outing we headed back to the campsite, ate lunch and cleaned the area.

It was a great trip. We usually stay two nights, but now as kids have come about it is easier to just spend one night. All the adults and kids had a great time.

Thank you Kenny and Courtney for hosting us! We really had a blast. I hope we can make it next year.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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