Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pregnancy Ultrasound #1 (August 20, 2015)

Finally! It was time to see if we had one or two babies in there!001_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

We were told we would not see a heartbeat as it was still a bit too early, but we would check for the little sacks with a little embryo in it.

005_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

006_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

008_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

The moment of truth!

009_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

WE SAW TWO BABIES! AND TWO HEARTBEATS! Even though it was a little early! Thank God!010_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

Here is the video of the little heart beating:

That tiny little flicker is the heartbeat!

011_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

012_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

013_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

018_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

019_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

021_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

022_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

023_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

A photo of our babies!

024_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

026_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15

027_Lizzie Doug_08-20-15


What an exciting day! Two babies! Woah!

As soon as we left the doctor doug said, “We need to buy a house!” and I replied, “We need to tell our parents!”

Until next update!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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