Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cinco Cinco Cinco de Mayo!

It's a funny thing that happens when you get engaged. No matter how recently you got engaged, the first question that comes from nearly everyone is "so when's the date?" Being quite practiced at dodging the "so when are you getting married" question, I found it a simple transition to start saying things like, "well, the dating period took 3.5 years, so the engagement should probably be about twice as long." This is a very effective tool for deflecting the question away from me. Unfortunately for Lizzie, that means she gets questions from her friends and family, as well as my own.

Behold, friends and family, for we have now chosen a date. I still don't fully understand how everything aligned on this one (nor will I ever) -- but Cinco de Mayo 2012 we'll be tying the knot. I've been singing my own rendition of a Cinco de Mayo song since I suggested the date -- and have even cut off discussions of other dates by singing said song. I looked for something similar to link for you here, but instead, I decided to post this cat with a lime helmet. It's essentially the same thing.

Lizzie has been asking if we have to serve margaritas and sangria at the reception now. I think the answer is a resounding "SI!" I also think we should do a Mexican hat dance and give out serapes and sombreros as party favors. We should probably hire a mariachi band and get Felipe's to cater the whole thing. I think my boutonnière is going to be a chili pepper. And the entire ceremony can be in Spanish! Soy amante de asta idea!


  1. You have a vivid imagination my dear. I might veto the chili pepper....

  2. Didn't know y'all had set a date....yay for Cinco de Mayo!!! We really need to get together; I MUST see the rock, Elizabeth!

  3. See I kinda think the chili pepper boutonnieres are cool. It says I'm formal but I'm spicy so watch out. Pretty much a perfect description of The Doug Brown.