Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Feeling the Love...

I would like to state for the record that I have some amazing friends and family.

We have received an outpouring of love and support through phone calls, facebook, text messages, and gifts mentioned in the last post. Most of this shared love has been for Doug and I as a couple, but lately I have been getting some special Lizzie love from some special people.

First of all, the night Doug proposed my mom made me an awesome white tulle wreath. It has
wine charms on it that says "bride" and "groom". This wreath is still hanging on my door today. I will probably not take it down until Sarah makes me... :)

My mom is really handy and I think she will be making all kinds of things for the wedding.. LOVE

A few days later a box arrived. Now to set the stage,I want to let the readers know that I get many boxes each day. Sometimes FedEx and UPS have so many boxes for me that it blocks my door. It is all always work related and I stack them up to be opened when I get moment. It just so happened this said box arrived on a Thursday and it got stacked with my other boxes until Monday the following week. As I began to open it, I realized this was not a work related item. I had just received my first gift package. Jaime MM had sent me a gift I had just shopped online for. It is a beautiful ring holder.

Then I get a sweet card from my Aball. As she flies around the country she still finds time to buy me a card and send it. I am seriously feeling the love now...

Not to go all sentimental on you, but I guess I can because it is my blog... I am so glad to have this particular friendship back in my life. Great people come into your life for a reason and stay there. I think this friendship is a keeper. Hugs to you Aball.

THEN.....FLOWERS ARRIVE!! Yesterday, lilies
and tulips arrive on my doorstep from DJ and Steve (Doug's Mom and rockin' hubby). I displayed them in two different vases in two different rooms as I LOVE flowers. THEN today I get another batch of them...Evidently there was some delivery error and the way they fixed the error was to ship me more flowers!
Clearly, I win!

So...just to be clear. I have amazing friends and family. Thank you all so much for your love and support. I appreciate all you do for us. We love you all. :) HUGS

(in review, this is a really sappy post....I guess I will leave
the clever to DB and the sappy to me... LOVE, Lizzie)

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  1. I AGREE COMLETELY!!! Definitely a keeper! Love you! Ok, and Doug too! =)