Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Doug pops the question!...April Fools!!.... or not??

Family and Friends,

It has been a few weeks. I will give you all the details here...

Some back story you should know:
1. Two years ago Doug played a cruel and terrible April Fools joke on his parents. During the day, he sent an email to them saying he had proposed and I had accepted. This is the email he sent:

"I've got some big news for everybody! I popped the question to Lizzie last night and she said yes! I thought about it for a long time, I think she's the one for me. Pop, I know you haven't gotten to meet her yet, but I'm sure you'll like her.

At any rate, we'll be getting married at St. Louis Cathedral within the next 2 years or so. There's a long waiting list, and to even get a tentative date on the waiting list, you have to go through a bunch of tests and such. I'll let you know when we get a date.If you want to come down, I think we're having an engagement party / crawfish boil on the 13th of April. There will be a bunch of people there, it should be a good time.

Just wanted to let you know, I'll call you all later!

Love, doug"

So, with this email everyone was very excited. Grandparents were even notified. So when he called to tell them it was a joke, they were quite upset. They told him no one would believe him when he finally did do it. So....he thought as it would be funny, he really should propose on April Fools...

2. I had a giftcard for Arnaud's to be used.

3. I used to work at Arnaud's and it holds a special place in my heart. I still know many of the people who work there.

4. Doug is a smart man.

Now that you have the back story, here goes:

On Friday, April 1, 2011, we left for dinner at Arnaud's. We had planned to go here to use the gift card.
before dinner

Once we arrived, no one seemed excited that we were there. No hints or extra smiles. Charles walked by us a few times with out noticing us. Everyone looked genuinely surprised to see me. We had a delicious dinner, but I barely ate my food as I was nervous to what he was going to do. I knew he was going to do something, but I was unsure of what. (As you read, he loves pranking people on April Fools....)
at dinner

When we were done with our food, Lisa (my old boss) stopped by to chat. She put on a great show pretending she did not remember Doug and had no idea I was going to be at dinner that night. She asked how everything was going and chatted for a few minutes. She then tells me about how they changed the Edison park upstairs and says that if I have time I should go check it out. Doug took care of the bill (with the help of the lovely gift card) and we headed up to the Edison Park.

We walked in to an empty room…well almost empty. The room really was different and I was looking around at the changes. After a few moments I notice the table in the back of the room. On the table was a silver tray of chocolate covered strawberries with an open ring box in the middle. I froze and Doug said I stopped breathing, but was making strangled noises.

He took my had and led me to the table. All I saw was a ring and knew he was about to propose. I started hugging him and being all cuddly and he pulled me away from him determined…He said “No, no, we are going to do this right..” I said "OK".

He grabbed the ring box and got down on one knee.

not the actual proposal, but in the same spot

He said “Lizzie Peyroux, Will you marry me?” I grabbed his face and said “Yes, of course!”

I do remember asking him if this was an april fools joke and if he was serious. I made him promise the proposal was real.

After I said yes, Danny came in with champagne and we celebrated!


We got to my house and my whole wonderful family (including Andrew) were there! They were all dressed up and ready for the celebration. They had decorated outside and inside with candles and toule. It was so fantastic. We had champagne and Dad toasted us. We ate strawberries and I told them all how he proposed. We toasted in the champagne flutes we will use at the wedding!
the family!

The night was a success on all fronts! Doug did a wonderful job surprising me and planning the whole thing. I could not be happier!!!

On a side note: Doug asked for my hand in marriage a month ago. He asked my dad (with Andrew in the room) and Ashley's new house. My favorite part is my dad's answer, "Permission Granted!"

I am going to be Mrs. Douglas George Brown!

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