Friday, April 8, 2011

Invitation Draft Night

In an effort to make planning more entertaining, Lizzie and I held an invitation draft night on Wednesday night. We both took turns drafting people to invite to the wedding. The agreed-upon metric? Who can assemble the team that will return the RSVP cards the quickest.

We took care of the first 100 invitations on Wednesday -- 50 people for each team so far. Lizzie did significantly more scouting before the draft to figure out the best picks, but I can say I am quite happy with how my team turned out.

We've received lists from both of our parents, and I think the free agent round will start shortly, so all invited guests will be drafted to a team.

Go Team Groom!


  1. So when do I find out which team picked me???

  2. not until after the wedding :) we've got a complex algorithm for determining how much each draft choice is worth.

    I'm pretty confident I've got a solid team with a good chance of winning. I'm also shooting for "most draft picks in the pictures" and "most minutes draft picks are in the video."