Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas present for Lizzie = Fitbit

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I first saw this little gadget on my friend, Cynthia. She was telling me it tracks all her steps and tells her how many calories she burns. I was intrigued and mentioned it to Doug. Mind you, this was months ago. On Christmas morning I opened a little box and found my very own fitbit! That smart, sweet boy… he listened!
I am currently obsessed with this little plastic clip. This is what it looks like:
You clip it somewhere on your core and it stores all the data until you get within 15 feet of the docking station where it wirelessly uploads your stats!
Here is the data it gave me for today:
(I am blogging this in the evening…)
fitbit data
It updates every time I get near the docking station! It is very motivating as I keep trying to beat the standards set for me…
fit bit 3
The food goal is based on my current weight and weight loss plan. The calorie range changes and updates depending on how active I am! So stinking cool. (aka. the more I exercise, the more I can eat!)
fitbit 2
This shows when I am most active during the day. As you can see, Doug and I went for a speedy walk tonight around 8 pm. Are you impressed yet?
fit bit 4
This is also cool. If you wear it on your wrist while you sleep, it tracks how well you sleep. The previous night, I scored a 95% sleep efficiency.
If you have fitbit, friend me! If you don’t, I bet a few of you do now :). I am really obsessed with it right now. It does much more than I showed you, but I did not want to bore you all as I gush about my new toy. To check it out more, go to www.fitbit.com.
Thanks DB! You are the best. I love my little fitbit!
Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. This is tres cool. But I must also comment on the new banner photo up top....I love everything about it, except that it says "lizzie and doug" and not "courtney and kenny." I want one!