Thursday, January 19, 2012

Doug = Chef

Doug and I went to Rouses to make some groceries. We walked by the turkeys and Doug decided he wanted to roast a turkey. I, clearly, was all for it. So we brought a 17lb turkey to my house. Doug did a lot of research and started on his project:


(Steve and DJ – notice the cat towel over the sink :))

He thawed and cleaned it all up. He stuffed it with some magical ingredients and then brined it in some spicy, salty, Tony’s filled water: IMG_5222

We tasted the water and it had a heck of a kick. He assured me it would not be as spicy as the water was. We went for it!

He brined it over night in the fire water and smoked it for 12 hours the next day. It smelled and tasted amazing. My db is awesome. He did say he would do a few things differently. 1. He would not buy a 17lb turkey. It took too long. 2. He said he would like to do it on a warmer day as it kept killing his fire and 3. Doug said he was right as the brine was not too spicy. Touché dear.

Thanks db! Have you ever seen a guy so happy to have his hand up a turkey’s butt? You are the best! IMG_5223

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

Happy Anniversary DB! 4 years and 4 months! XOXO

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