Friday, January 20, 2012

Last Saturday = Biggest Lizzie Fitbit day ever

I know you might get tired of me sharing this, but it kind of motivates me sooooo skip it if you get bored.

Last weekend I kicked some fitbit butt! First of all, I got up around 9 and cleaned my house, walked up and down the stairs, repotted plants, ran all over the place and came upstairs to check on my fitbit dashboard to see how active I was. I kept hitting refresh waiting for it to upload my data.

I hit it again……….and again. Then I realized I was a dummy and had not put it on that morning. I was so mad! I had missed all that data. Oh well. I put it on my pants and kept working on my house.

It was so beautiful that I decided to do my “long run”. I put quotations around it because Doug had already ran his long run before I even got up at 9 am. He ran 12 miles. Jerk. I was going to run 3 miles, but once I got going I wanted to run 4 miles. I ran 4 miles and then walked a few miles with Ashley (and Michelle).

calories fitbit

After that Saints game we will not speak of, I headed downtown to Melody’s bachelorette party where I got more steps in! I got home before midnight and found out I was 800 steps away from breaking 30k steps…so I did what any rational person would do. I put my tennis shoes on with my dress and started pacing around my house. My cats were staring at my like I was crazy…with good reason.

I was 4 minutes away from midnight and still needed 600 steps. I raced and raced, but ultimately faced the fact that I could not squeeze it in.

THEN I REALIZED, I had over 30k because I forgot my fitbit for the first two hours of being awake and cleaning my house. I had 30k! I know fitbit does not know it, but I know it so I am still happy.

Here is what my end of day stats looked like:

sat fitbit activity

I am still obsessed. I have been contacted by 5 people who are getting one after all by blogging craziness. We do still get credit if you buy a fitbit after clicking through our logo. No pressure though.

Click on the logo to get your own:fitbit banner

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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