Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday–12 Days until I get to marry Doug!

We have officially hit the under two weeks mark. I can remember hitting 6 months and thinking it was so close! I can’t believe I get to marry DB in 12 days!

Things are INSANE here. Mom came and worked on my wedding dress this weekend. She sewed a special surprise into it. See if you can see it at the wedding!

Ashley has been steaming chair covers like beast. She started with 125 to steam and is now down to 56. She is rocking. Her and Janessa are the “steam team”.


Last week, Jenni (db’s sister) input all the data from the response cards!

My house looks like a cleaner/FedEx warehouse. My goal is to be done with everything by Saturday. That give me one full week to try to relax.

Thursday will be a workshop night if people want to come by and help. Honestly, any night is a workshop night if you want to help out for a few hours. :)

The updates will be skimpy for the next two week. I will catch you up on details after the wedding.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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