Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tuesday = 11 Days until I get to marry Doug!

11 days! That is just insane (especially since I am writing this when there are actually 9 days..ha)

Doug had his bachelor party last weekend. A group of awesome guys met in Jackson, Mississippi, to do a adventure race. They had a blast and I will see if Doug will write the blog about the actual trip, but in the mean time I will show you what Doug personally made for each guy:


Doug actually hand drew luchador mask to correlate with the masks given to groomsmen/ushers (and he designed one for Jeff).

Here is a photo of each mask:

I am so glad my house does not smell like Sharpie and impressed by his work. I think the guys really liked them.

They all wore their shirts to race in, run through the mud, and jump over fire. None of these shirts actually look like this today, but we can enjoy the before pictures.

Well done DB!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. This was awesome, DB! So very cool. And I am happy to report that Kenny's is permanently stained with a brown mud handprint on the back. :)