Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday– 9 days until I get to marry Doug!

Things are wrapping up nicely for the wedding. I think I just MIGHT make my goal for being done on Friday/Saturday.

In honor of the 9 days, will tell you the people who turned in their RSVP cards the fastest.

1. Courtney and Kenny. Hand delivered. (DB Team)

2. Gay and David. Hand delivered by Courts :) (LP Team)

3. Ashley and Andrew. Hand delivered (DB Team)

4. Sarah and Donnie. Hand delivered. (DB Team)

5. Dale and Patti. Hand delivered. (DB Team)

6. Chris and Stacey. Hand delivered. (LP Team)

7. Bruce and Betsy. Hand delivered. (DB Team)

8. Leon Hand delivered. (DB Team)

9. Scott (Fed Ex OVERNIGHTED!) (DB Team)

I only had 2 of the first 9!
Doug’s team really started hot. He was the hare and I am the tortoise. I hope. :) GO TEAM LIZZIE!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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