Monday, June 25, 2012

Let’s get this wedding (blogging) stuff started!

I have been dragging my feet on starting the wedding blogs as there is so much! I am going to blog about all different aspects of the wedding from my point of view. I will also share some words from my friends and family as we go. If you have any special requests, let me know!

Here we go!

As you can imagine a LOT of prep work went into this wedding. I really like to work out the details of how things will look and always want to include personal touches.

In the weeks/months before the wedding Ashley worked tirelessly with me on all the things you would later enjoy. She was a life saver and did more work than anyone is really aware of.

So what did we do?

1. Coffee Filter balls – 39 in all (Thank you MOM for making most of them!) These were the centerpieces at the wedding. You will see pictures of them set up later.


2. Making wedding signs:

The three flags quickly became our logo and was printed on EVERYTHING! Thank you Lindsey!!

3. Steamed Chair covers! Thanks to Laurie, Ashley, and Janessa for steaming 125 chair covers!!!


4. Prepped and planned the candy bar. Janessa and I tackled this one day to get it all ready for the wedding. We even made a map!

IMG_6370candy bar map
This does not sound like huge task until you realize it all has to be cleaned, labeled and packaged so it does not break. This project took me MUCH longer than I anticipated.

5. Practiced the GoBo at the hotel!


6. Working out the transportation for the family and wedding party! Ashley, Sarah (the transportation tyrant) and I worked through moving the bridal party for photos with four different scenarios. It was intense. The drivers packets were amazing.

Each person we were responsible for moving was placed on a post it and we would start them on the left side of the desk (the hotel), then move them by assignment to the middle of the desk (Jackson Square) and finally to the left side of the desk (Immaculate Conception) to make sure we had enough room to move everyone!

This was Plan A! Remember, we had 3 other plans worked out depending on heat and weather!
transportation plan
We had six amazing drivers take care of us! Thank you UJ, Mr. David, Kim, Leon, Jeff and Mr. Don! You guys made the photos run sooooo smoothly.

7. Practice centerpieces! and take pics for the planners.


8. Frame photos from the engagement photo shoot, package packs of 3 frames for 8 tables, cut ribbon for programs and tie ribbon on all programs. Janessa cut all the ribbon. Sarah, Ashley and I tied all the programs.

9. Make my second line umbrella!  Ashley, Sarah and Janessa had some fun. I was so overwhelmed by this point and they saved the day again.IMG_6482

10.  Make the Lizzie + Doug sign! Dad built it and painted it white for us. Mom used her cricut to cut out the letters and Doug, Ashley and I painted it with green paint pens.


11. Make labels for the Doug’s cakes!

12. Make all the Margaritas!

13. Relax and admire my checklists:


This photo does not give the “pile of stuff” justice. It was HUGE. I had also stored some boxes at Ashley’s house. It took us 8 cars to move it all. Also, you are not seeing all the beer, liquor, champagne and margaritas.

Janessa, Ashley and I labeled it all to help make things go smoothly at the JW upon arrival.

If we were honored enough to have you at the wedding, you saw many more details than I posted here, but I think you get the gist. It was a lot of work and I had some fabulous help. I could not have done it without the people listed in this post.

Next up: Moving into the JW! The rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. One word: AMAZING. So excited to relive all of this again through your blog!