Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding story funnies…

Here are a few quotes about the wedding from some of the stories I have received:

From Kelly:
During your second line, my husband looked at me and said, “This is one of the best moments in my life. This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen”.  The gentleman next to my husband said, “Me, too!”. Dan asked if he knew the bride or groom and the man replied, “Neither! This is just the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!”.

From Alex:
(During wedding prep)Once we got back to the hotel, we piled into the Shangri-La room to get ready. Dad decided to wear the horse-head mask for fun. I suggested that he stand by the window by the pool and stare creepily at people. He, of course, took it one step further by banging on the glass window and trotting in place. Twice. Everyone laughed for a solid five minutes.

(At the reception) During Billie Jean, someone attempted to start a line dance. I did not really mind, but Ashley was not having that. She grabbed me and somehow I just knew what to do. Yes, an interpretive dance. Interpretive dances are always the right thing to do. After a while, we had a little crowd, including the videographer.

From Cynthia:
Lizzie busted me multiple times practicing the (flash) dance and I just acted like myself and started randomly boogying down.Then Lizzie walked off and I continued.

My favorite picture was the serious wedding shot with the Luchador masks on. I also remember turning to my walking partner, Josh, and I said the following, “Hi, my name is Cynthia. I met you last night. May I put you in a headlock?” Being awesome, he said yes.

More to come!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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