Tuesday, June 26, 2012

May 3, 2012–Moving into the JW

The time had finally come! It was time to pack up all the stuff, move into the JW Marriott, and RELAX! The wedding weekend was finally here.

I woke up early and packed my last minute items. At 10 am, the fleet arrived to help us move the mountain of boxes!

You remember what it looked like, right?

There was another pile of items in my dining room, in Ashley’s house, all the liquor/beer/champagne was already packed into Shawn (the best man’s) car from the night before and we had pre-packed Sarah’s car with dry products as she would come after work.

The crew worked quickly and I was ready to leave around 11 am. We all agreed that 8 cars arriving in the JW’s small valet area was a bad idea so we agreed we would have cars buddy up and each buddy team would leave 15 minutes apart.

So who came to help? THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! Duh! Courtney came in her dad’s van and fit SO MUCH, my parents (they had a very important package – the wedding dress!), Ms. Gay driving Shawn’s car (the car with all the liquor!), Janessa and Matt (who ended up with all the margaritas and margarita machine!), Ashley (and Andrew), Amanda (with her hurt muffler :)) and Sarah delivered her car load after work. Sabrina was there also to help, but I can’t remember who she caught a ride with. Wait, technically there were 9 cars if you count Scott’s car arriving around lunch time with the centerpieces! wow.

It was quite a scene in valet and THANK GOD we labeled it all so they knew the pink labels went to the Royal room, Blue labels went into the bridal suite and Yellow labels went into my parents room.


As soon as my car was unloaded the next two cars arrived. I let them take away my car as not to see it until Sunday. They would take away cars as the next ones were unloaded. I waited with all the cars in valet to make sure everything was unloaded to the proper location.

Once all the cars were there (except Scott and Sarah as they were coming later), I went up the suite. We were in the presidential suite starting that night through Sunday. It was wonderful! Some of the girls were steaming dresses and unloading bags.


The view from the room was amazing. If you look to the left, you can see Immaculate Conception!

The Suite was pretty sweet also! It is a two story sweet on the top of the hotel.


There was a full kitchen (always Janessa’s territory), full dining room, two bedrooms with 2 queens and 1 king, living room/office and windows everywhere!

Ok, so we are at noon on Thursday!  :) Tomorrow you will find out who arrived and noon and what we had to do in the royal room with wood and hot glue!

Love and Hugs, Lizzie