Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ashley’s Science Experiment Birthday!

When we started planning Ashley’s birthday, we could not decide what kind of party to have. She wanted to do something “different” and fun. Somehow, someway, Ashley came up with the idea to have a birthday party with science experiments!

So very Ashley. She invited some friends and challenged everyone to bring an experiment to the party. Dad brought home all his white doctors coats and eye protection. Doug created the Periodic table banner and I got prepared for my many planned science experiments.

That morning we had our traditional coffee cake and prepped for the party.IMG_1047IMG_1048

Once guests arrived, they signed the Periodic Table by creating an element from their name, put on their white lab coats and hung out. Mom made some fabulous gumbo, doug made his garlic potato salad and it was fantastic. IMG_1049


Once everyone had eaten we set the experiment schedule and went on a tour of the back yard….IMG_1129

We went to see the chickens…

and then the worms…

and finished the tour with the Dragons.


Next up: Experiments!

The crowd gathered:


EXPERIMENT 1 – Cup and water by Lizzie – FAIL.
I started the experiments off with a terrible experiment that I could not get to work. Little did I know that my failed experiment would be the first of many.
I tried to get water to stay in a cup upside down….never mind. It is not worth your time.

EXPERIMENT 2 – Owl Pellets by Mom – Success! Mom purchased owl pellets for us to explore.


EXPERIMENT 3 – Egg and Candle – Lizzie – Semi-fail. I was trying to get a bottle to suck up an egg. It sucked up a third of it…


EXPERIMENT 4 -  Floating paper clips in water – Success! I taught the group how to make a paperclip float. IMG_1080

EXPERIMENT 5 – Imaginary Gas – Lizzie – FAIL! I was trying to put out candles by using imaginary gas. I must have used the wrong amounts of peroxide and dry ingredients. I eventually just blew out the candles. ha.


EXPERIMENT 6 – Solar Power – Dad – Success! He hooked up a solar panel to a fan. He plans to use it for air flow for the chickens. IMG_1085IMG_1088IMG_1087IMG_1089

EXPERIMENT 7 – Pepper in Bowl – Mom – Success! It was an experiment about surface tension. I did not get any pictures of this one. Sorry Mom!

EXPERIMENT 8 – Mentos and Coke – Lori – SUCCESS!IMG_1090IMG_1093IMG_1095

EXPERIMENT 9 – Expanding Foam or something like that… – Doug – Success!

EXPERIMENT 10 – Volcanic Eruptions – Mom and Alex – Success!IMG_1097IMG_1105

Finally, after all the experiments were over, we had a little birthday party for Ashley and took a group picture.


It really was a fun day (especially with all the epic experiment fails). I hope she felt as loved as she is.  Happy, happy birthday Ashley – a few months late for sure.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. I just want to reiterate - you have the COOLEST family ever :) Miss all of you!