Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Girls Paris Trip: Versailles (Day 5)

Versailles was the name of the game today!

Our plan was to take the RER (train) for 45 minutes to Versailles, but after a train mix-up, I was ready for a cab. Margaret and I separated from the group and found a cab. Off we went…

we found ourselves at the gold covered gates of Versailles!


We arrived about 15 minutes before the rest of the party and held a place in line.


We entered the Palace and had our own personal tour guide. Gay read a Rick Steves guide book to us in each room. It was fabulous!IMG_5312IMG_5313

I totally recommend Versailles! I absolutely loved it! If you are impressed by the house (which seem impossible), you will love the gardens.


We decided to eat on the grounds and chowed down at La Petite Venise. It was very yummy! We started our walk back to the Palace and knew the fountains were scheduled to start anytime…P6123505

We found Zeus..check out the ladies!
IMG_0683A close up:IMG_0683
The picture of the ladies and Zeus cracks me up. I LOVE IT. Well done girls!

Our group shot at Versailles!

I got all excited/crazy again and was caught (again)…P6123603P6123600P6123598


As we were about to leave, we stopped by one last garden to enjoy it. Far, far away in the distance we noticed a white statue of a man riding a horse. Can you see it?
Evidently that stature inspired me to make the group take a photo “being horses”:

By the time we took a second one, we had lost it and were giggling…P6123655

A new tradition was born. We would take more “horse” photos…

As we left Versailles, I vowed (to myself) to take Doug here one day. I am sure he will not mind. One last Versailles photo for you to enjoy!IMG_0693

The girls went back to the RER station while Gay and I grabbed a taxi and headed back to the city. It was a 20 minute taxi ride and we chatted the whole time. On our way I noticed the replica of the Statue of Liberty! I ended up seeing it after all!

We stopped by the grocery and headed home. We had a lovely dinner in our PJ’s at the apartment and played a game UJ had made for us. He is a clever, clever man. After the game, we looked at all of the photos we had taken so far. I think we all really enjoyed staying in and enjoying each others company.


I am sure you were all worried about my heels from yesterday’s post :) – from this day forward, I would not wear shoes that had a back. It was very painful so I walked on the heels of my shoes and made it the rest of the trip just fine.

THE FITBIT UPDATE: 13,750 steps walked! 45 flights climbed! and 5.66 miles walked.

Overall, I really enjoyed this day! I loved Versailles and having a night in with the girls.

Love and Hugs, Lizzie

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  1. Such great memories! Thanks for these great posts, Lizzie.